From Cobalt, royal, azure, iris, to Oxford, sky or French..there are so many number of words used to describe that eye-catching shade of blue that’s currently the boldest color to wear. In truth it doesn’t matter the way you call it, it only matters the way and how you’re wearing it. That’s why today,I’m giving you a few tips and ways you should wear royal blue! That color is in fact, one of the most popular colors this summer. It’s a bold and sexy color, that’s surprisingly very easy to combine and wear and can bring some sass and fun to your summer outfit!


I wanted to talk about how to keep the positive attitude when you feel down or may not receive the merit you think you should have. You should know first that,life is a constant fight in which you need to prove your skills, to be strong enough to support the pressure, and what the society expects from you to be .However, no matter what, believe that you are in charge of your destiny. No one can take your dreams from you as long as you’re still breathing. If you have determination and will power, you can do almost anything. Success is whatever you determine it to be and you can be successful. Even when you do nothing, you are still creating your life so why not make it something to remember?


There will alway be that new trend in town which makes a style statement that’s soft,girly and awesome: I’m talking about Pastel! Some people might think pastels are only meant for Easter, but I firmly disagree; most pieces are perfect to wear all spring and throughout the summer, too! By adding a few pastel items to your wardrobe, you can easily mix and match fun colors, or liven up a more neutral outfit. Don’t be wary of looking like a child; pastels can, in fact, be edgy and on trend.

’90s MOOD

-Wallace-yolicia-grunge-styles-bloggers-street-looks-backpack-valfre-brandHmmh it smells like 90’s grunge chics are back in vogue one more time this year…yes, you know, that grungy style through the daring clothes(or not) that suggest you didn’t spend very much time putting together your outfit, and manage to look awesome anyway! Back to the old days, where there were the 90s drama such as Beverly Hills while Will Smith was becoming a trendsetter on the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ with his colorful tracksuits! Remember the floral-print babydoll dresses, overalls,combat boots which are now popularized in the modern clothing stores.