HOW TO MAKE GLITTER PANTS LOOK COOL FOR NEW YEARS EVE Year’s Eve which is just around the corner , is a dazzling time of the year whether you choose to spend it drinking champagne in a luxury hotel, at a fireworks party or at a glitzy soiree( (as I will be).  Therefore, expectations to this occasion and for some reason, it’s a fashion tradition to dress as much like a disco ball . Plus,every woman needs a show-stopping outfit to wear for the celebrations — and this year’s choice has to be sequins. While many women may shy away from so much sparkle, but they can be wonderfully flattering, as they reflect light on to the skin and draw the eye away from any lumps or bumps ! The only trouble with that, as fun as it may be, is sparkly pieces can veer toward the tacky side if not done right. To ensure you’re the talk of the town (in a good way) while you ring in 2018, I’ve teamed up with H&M for their festive season collection ( Check the looks inspiration ! ) to give you all you need to suit any glitter tolerance for this New Year’s Eve!

If you don’t have a New Year’s Eve dress yet, rest easy—you don’t need one (though if you are on the hunt for one, may I direct you to my tips on how to wear a slip dress this festive season). For those of you who don’t feel like wearing tights, who want to take a slightly more unconventional approach to New Years Eve dressing, or who just never liked dresses to begin with, you can still get your party on sans dress. For instance, although sequin trousers can be scary and many women may worry they will be unflattering on their legs, they pair works wonders. Make sure to choose a flattering slim cut with sequins that aren’t too shiny, so they don’t draw too much attention to a particular area. Don’t forget to pair with heels which slim your legs, and balance out the glitz with a plain top or blazer. That kind of outfit is also a great alternative to a dress for a chilly outdoor party or fireworks as they’ll keep you warm and they would still look great when wrapped up in a coat. Plus, the best option if you want to dance well past midnight, dress metallic knitted joggers up with heels if you need to , or go casual but cool in a crop top and trainers. These are pretty much just joggers, but sparkly and ideal after all that Christmas feasting.

New Year’s Eve is also the perfect excuse to wear all your gold clothes at once! Otherwise,just like sequined dresses and top hats, gold clothes can be hard to pull off when it’s not the holiday season. So, if if you already have one gold piece such as an awesome gold sequined blazer, just buy a cheaper black and gold paperbag jumpsuit  to complete your monochrome look. You’ll be perfectly festive without having to buy a totally new outfit for the big night. Last but not least, if you’re going to go with sequins, then go all the way. Layer one sequined item on top of another for an all-out festive look. The trick is to simply use the same color to layer such as a dark green plunging sequin romper and a dark green jacket. Keep the rest of your look in the same palate, then choose one fun, different-colored accessory like a red beret. You’re now getting ready to boogie into the New Year in style !

I’m wearing: H&M Glittery trousers /  H&M red Knitted jumper / H&M Quilted shouder bag / H&M red beret


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