WHY YOU SHOULD TRY THIS OASIS LUXURIOUS SWISS HOTEL countdown toward the end of the year will soon begin so whether you want to celebrate the festive season in the subtropics or surrounded by snowflakes, I have a great review for you that might help your choice place to properly celebrate New Years Eve ! For instance, the international locale like Geneva, known for its upscale sensibility, it’s a small wonder this city has some of the largest hotel suites in Europe (yes my dear ). In addition to its luxurious accommodation, you get a panoramic view from the eighth floor which represents one of the highest vantage points above Geneva city. I must say, even though the famous Jet d’Eau can be seen from all over Geneva, there are a few specific viewing spots that truly encapsulate the experience and Kempinski Hostel gives this opportunity. Not only the fact that you get the breath-taking view of the Jet d’Eau fountain but also the French Alps and Mont Blanc which is an inspiring sight and one you won’t forget !

Therefore, with the upcoming holidays season, the hotel offers an elite spa that you can either enjoy by yourself as a great escape during this winter time or as a gift to your beloved one. I was truly happy to test the Kempinski Spa (which is the biggest in Geneva – you really get lost in it) since I’m concerned about how important it is to spend some time for ourselves . The hotel offers therefore, some of the most largest covered hotel pool in Geneva with its 12 treatment cabins. It gives the impression of a true oasis in the heart of Geneva city though. 

Besides the luxury panoramic views, the pampering spa, upscale shops and boutiques, if you’re in a hurry and still haven’t planned a chic New Years Eve program, celebrate it in style by firstly indulging yourself with the exclusive gourmet restaurants the hotel has to offer. Indeed, whether you are in a mood for an authentic Italian meal at Il Vero, an expertly prepared steak at Le Grill or a traditional Chinese cuisine at Tsé Yang , each eatery possess a personality and an ambiance that is different and unique. You can then follow the evening by having a fancy light snack or mixed and hand-made cocktails before you enjoy the ultimate spot on the lake to watch the midnight fireworks. Plus, if you have an appetite for dancing, have fun as a VIP at the Java Club, one of the Geneva’s most popular nightclubs. As you may have notice it, the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is all on its own, a destination spot  a luxurious staycation option and a peaceful respite in an urban setting.

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