wallaceyolicia_swiss_fashion_blogger_2016-how_to_take_care_of_your_skin_this_fall_2016As the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn would be a time of transition that will correct any summer damage that has occurred and will prepare your skin for winter season. This is why, it’s primordial to update your skincare routine from warm seasons to cold ones. And as the air becomes drier, your skin needs a thicker moisturizer so, fall is a proper time to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. You need a stronger oily barrier, to reduce water loss from the outer layer and provide hydration to your skin layer. Remember thus, to always start your fall winter season off with a full-body exfoliation session so your skin may not be left  feeling dry and flaky. For instance, I use oil-based shower products  such as L’occitane almond shower oil as they will exfoliate and hydrate my dry skin. However, I sometimes, opt for relaxing scents with fresh citrus and aromatic basil such as my Acqua Di Parma relaxing shower gel as they gently cleanses the skin and preserves its natural balance.

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure right? As hands often become dry and cracked mostly during cold seasons, you should invest and start moisturizing your hands with creams that are enriched with shea butter in order to nourish them. I’m currently using L’occitane hand cream that has green tea, jasmine and honeysuckle scents to ensure that my dried hands will be supple and soft all winter long. Therefore, let’s not forget taking care of your feet. I’ts important using foot creams that contain olive oil, karite shea or sea salt. As for myself, I always apply L’occitane Karite foot Shea cream  as it replenishes my feet skin of lost moisture and gently removes layers of superficial dead skin.

As skin can lose a lot of water while you sleep, you should starting applying a night face mask early. The purpose of overnight masks is to create a permeable seal on top of your skin that makes anything underneath it penetrate better. This said, a night mas such as La Prairie Caviar mask will hydrate your skin and plump it. Even if you’re not treating visible pimples, red spots or wrinkle, the fact that you’ve already started applying a mask, develops a good habit. Finally, to finish your fall winter skin care routine, you can spray lightly a fresh feminine eau de toilette (My latest fragrance obsession is the L’occitane Arlésienne ) without forgetting to follow 3 tips to make it last longer . 

Products:      1.    L’occitane almond shower oil      /     2.  Acqua Di Parma relaxing shower gel     /     3.      L’occitane shea butter hand cream           /      4.    L’occitane Karite foot Shea cream         /       5.    La Prairie Caviar mask         /           6.     L’occitane Arlésienne Eau de Toilette








Products:      1.    L’occitane almond shower oil      /     2.  Acqua Di Parma relaxing shower gel     /     3.      L’occitane shea butter hand cream           /      4.    L’occitane Karite foot Shea cream         /       5.    La Prairie Caviar mask         /           6.     L’occitane Arlésienne Eau de Toilette

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