wallace_yolicia_swiss_fashion_bloggers_2016-how_to_dress_90s_outfits_style-Black_Red_plaid_Jacket-lace_up_skirtsIf you were a 90’s kid, you’re probably feeling all nostalgic about this amazing era. In term of fashion for instance, several pieces were in and have made their come back and are still hella dope. So, if you want to channel the fashions of one of the greatest decades of all time,find some memorable 90s pieces that encompassed many different style genres to make your look at it best.  If you were slightly cooler and angsty, you may have seen the rise of the red and black plaid flannel and fueling the popularity of that iconic grunge look that where most of the time tied around your waist. However, let us remember that pre-2000 was also glorious period during which plaid candy colored and  crinkled. Plus, with a plaid jacket, shirt or skirt, no one could knock you off the top of the fashion food chain!

Talking about 90’s area without mentioning overalls is would be a crime – they are the original jumpsuits ! Do you remember that one-piece denim that had many of us living the normcore (unisex fashion trend) life on the first day of school ? Indeed it was the iconic middle school fashion at its finest. Even though two decades has passed, they’re a little slimmer in silhouette, but just as sassy. By the way, some of you might still remember that elegantly wasted look called grunge? Well, grungy style is an overall “sloppy” look that suggests you didn’t spend very much time putting together your outfit, and yet managed to look awesome anyway. To achieve this look, opt for the triple threat which means denim, leather jackets and band tees.

Aside from hoodies,plaids or overalls, tattoo chokers were everywhere. This is why you should think of any choker as a sleek accessory to tie together a simple appropriate look in a fresh way, rather than a front-and-center piece. For a modern way, forgo the pendant for a minimal metal version, and layer it with a simple, wear-every-day chain necklaces to add interest. Wear it with a black off shoulder flowy top, a bold pair of tailored striped satin pant, a bit of a heel, and you’re honing in on the trend without going full-on ’90s area. Finally, you can dig into the depths of your own closet if you were around in the ’90s to see what clothes you have held on to! Therefore, check out your parents’ or older siblings’ closets, or ask a friend if they have any ’90s clothes that they no longer want. Who knows, you’ll probably a baby tee with intentionally layered cami underneath, some super-low-rise pants,and a dose of attitude that will give some major 90’s flashbacks!

I’m wearing: Public desire perspex boots / Asos round gold glasses / River Island circle choker necklace /  Rosegal lace up leather skirt /   Lord and Taylor plaid jacket/  Rosegal red hoodie sweatshirt / / Zara blue velvet clutch(similar at ASOS )  










I’m wearing: Public desire perspex boots / Asos round gold glasses / River Island circle choker necklace / Rosegal lace up leather skirt /   Lord and Taylor plaid jacket/  Rosegal red hoodie sweatshirt / / Zara blue velvet clutch(similar at ASOS )  


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