wallace_yolicia_fashion_swiss_bloggers-Jean_Paul_Gaultier_classique_essence_de_parfum_2016-how_to_make_fragrance_last_longerSeen by many as a luxury item, perfume is an absolute must to adorn our bodies with. However, is there anyone out there who doesn’t want their fragrance to last longer throughout the day ? Well, owning my first Jean Paul Gaultier classique essence de parfum, with its mix of citrus, cardamom, lavender, and costus root, it’s not surprising that I wanted to learn the tricks of making the fragrance last longer – without forgetting to share those secrets with you today. Firstly, know that the storage of any fragrance is important. And as much as you love having your bottles of perfume on display, they should be kept in their original packaging, in a closed cabinet or in a drawer to avoid the damaging sunlight. You understood it: If you want your perfume to last longer in the bottle, store it in a cool, dark environment.

Secondly, many people don’t really consider the pulse points when spraying themselves  but they are in reality an important key to prolonging fragrance. So make sure to apply your fragrance to the right places such as the wrists, temples, close to you ears, in the elbows or behind the knees and inside your ankles. Fragrance lasts also longer when applied directly after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and pores are open. Plus, don’t forget to always apply fragrance before you put on any clothes and jewelry. However, be aware that some perfumes will affect certain fabrics and leave stains such as jewelry, metals, stones and pearls which could be damaged permanently. So it isn’t worth risking and wasting your prized fragrance. You can also spray a mist into the air 10-12 inches away and walk into it as before getting dressed, this trick work!

Last but not least, Prepare your skin properly! In fact, keeping your skin moisturized,will help prolong your perfume. There is a certain amount of alcohol in most fragrances which evaporates on the skin and if the skin is dry it goes even quicker. So apply oils, lotions or creams to make your skin feel more moisturized, soft and supple. You can even apply a tiny amount of olive oil, coco butter or shea butter to the pulse points before applying your perfume – it will help the scent last all day long. If despite your best efforts, your scent fade between leaving for the office and after work, just carry a small bottle of perfume with you, and add a bit as needed.












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