wallaceyolicia_swiss_fashion_bloggers-best_black_friday_deals_2016-white_off_shouders_tops_fall_winter_ooutfits_inspirationAs a fashion obsessed and addicted shopper, nothing gives you more satisfaction than the thrill of discovering a great sale right? Good news: there are even more Black Friday deals then ever right now! However,Black Friday is a day of challenge with one major goal that is to snag huge discounts on great products before it all sells out. So in order to get the best deals and save big, keep these following tips in mind! Firstly,start following your favorite stores on social media now, whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform. Keep a close eye on these accounts, since coupons, sale previews, or even Black Friday ads can appear there. These can net you some real savings on individual items or even your entire purchase, and they might be something you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Secondly,to stay on top of the latest deals on the go, make sure that you’re actually getting the best price by double-checking on your favorite brands application – You might probably find even better savings online. If you do find a better price, you can get the store you’re at to match or beat it (or simply buy the item on your phone). Therefore, try to use price-comparison Internet shopping sites to assist you in comparing product prices.  

Last but not least, since return policies have grown so complex, know the store policies on returns as it can help you determine where to buy. You can also check on the shop web site or the signage at the customer service desk. Make just sure you really want something before plunking down your money. Finally, you are now ready to run these sales and deals for the up coming days!

LIST OF SALES: 1.     Neiman Marcus till  11/28 Nov. , Sale for up to 40% off    /    2.     Shopbop with code GOBIG16 from 15%  to 25% off orders till 11/28 Nov.   /   3.      Jcrew sale for up to 50% off your purchase with code holiday   /     4.      anntaylor 50% sale off all purchase online & stores (only for US people) /               5.      Nasty Gal ,Get 30% OFF the best black styles    /    6.        Boohoo , Get 30% off /



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