wallace_yolicia_black_fashion_bloggers_2016-how_to_wear_black_overalls_fall_winter_outfits_ideasIn case you haven’t realized, ’90s fashion is coming back in a big way which doesn’t exclude overalls. They are popping up everywhere but it seems to be tricky to ditch its not-so-grown-up feel. Although figuring out the right shirt, shoes and accessories to pair with overalls can become an art form, they are still a great alternative if you’re bored with skinny jeans, and are looking for the confort. However, remember first that fit is key. If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps so there is no gapping or pulling in the crotch area. Shorter women can either cuff the legs of their overalls if they are too long, or opt for shortalls for better proportions. 

If you are used seeing jeans overalls in blue, this trend goes also for innovations and is offering you black overalls. However, don’t misunderstand: Black overalls provide a more sleek and sophisticated take on casual denim fabric. They will help you create an evoking look ! For a casual style wanted, you can either opt for a fringed white jacket worn over your black overalls or team with a flared collar blouse paired with black or white sneakers to create a sophisticated but casual style. Don’t forget to combine your look with structured bags and sleek gold jewelry. Plus, let your hair loose or create disheveled waves for the casual final touch. To add more edge, you can have fun with textures by bringing in a perforated black top or shiny metallic slides. Then finish the look with a bag in an unexpected shape and a bold pair of ear cuff. You can therefore opt for an ultra feminine shirt underneath or lace tops, frilly details and off-the-shoulder shirts. They will help balance out the more masculine overalls silhouette.

For an attractive casual look, opt for leather black overalls and pair it with a lolita long sleeve red velvet top  and add a glamorous clutch bag. You can therefore, sporting your black overalls with a turtleneck top, embellished with polka dotted prints. Plus, don’t hesitate to go for flat shoes and opt for a trendy bag with a shoulder strap, which is another stylish way to wear this one-piece outfit.

I’m wearingESPRIT WHITE SNEAKERS / THOMA SABO leather ring claps bracelet / Esprit black jumpsuit(sold out) similar at THE OUTNET / THOMAS SABO peal bracelet  / ESPRIT boho top (sold out)




wallace_yolicia_fashion_swiss_bloggers-2016_black_overalls-white_sneakers_fall_winter_outfits_inspiration  wallace_yolicia_fashion_swiss_bloggers-2016_black_overalls-white_sneakers_fall_winter_grey_women_backpack_style



I’m wearingESPRIT WHITE SNEAKERS / THOMA SABO leather ring claps bracelet / Esprit black jumpsuit(sold out) similar at THE OUTNET / THOMAS SABO peal bracelet  / ESPRIT boho top (sold out)

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