wallaceyolicia_best_swiss_bloggers-how_to_create_edgy_style_2016-bordeaux_suede_skirts-printed_off_shoulders_outfits_inspirationTrying to create an edgy look may sound like a challenge, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Forget the ideas that are a bit over the top like ripped jeans, chains, and black painted nailsIf you have an inner badass just dying to come out, let it be free! Style is the expression of what you carry inside and whether you care about what you wear or not, that already says a lot about you. Know that fashion alone can’t make your style but attitude and fashion can make your style – keep this in mind ! There are lots of other ways to edge up your look and to push your casual, neutral or classic style towards an edgier vibe.

Firstly you can start small by matching clothes in a less boring way. Try to use contrast when you plan your outfits . For instance, pair skinny jeans with XL hoodies, or try leather leggings with extra-long printed tees or vests. If leather pants of any sort intimidate you, wear them with a simple denim vest and throw on a printed sweatshirt to complete the look.  Dare to mix bold prints, layer more than one top! Why not going for a denim pleated skirt or even a red lace up trouser for more edge in your wardrobe. Try a match you never tried before at least twice a week: by experimenting with your own wardrobe, you’ll be able to give your look a revamp without spending any money. You’ll probably notice that your wardrobe has much more breath than you thought it had. Even though, edgy doesn’t necessarily mean dark and goth, but wearing dark colors can help when trying to make a bold impression. However, don’t forget to add a discret touch of color pop piece like a dark turquoise velvet bomber jacket to your outfit.

Bring your style to a step forward, by using clothes in a way they weren’t intended to be used. You can wear men button shirt as a dress or combine a dress over a maxi skirt. If your prefer the discret option,you can always edgify pieces of clothing by adding interesting details. For example, start accessorizing: layered bracelets, rings, or necklaces can all have a big impact. Instead of wearing the classic sunglasses with the dark lenses, opt for the transparent one like the forever 21’s clear aviator reader glasses. Choosing an unusual color can also be an easy way to make your look edgier. Finally, whether you’d like to add a touch of rebel to an ensemble or want to transform your look from day to night, remember that fashion style are not about the way you look but about the way that look makes you feel. It’s important, you must feel comfortable and empowered in your own clothes.

I’M WEARING:  Riverisland red suede skirt / THOMAS SABO EAR STUD / ESPRIT OFF SHOULDER TOP(sold out)  / Zaful Faux Pearl Flower choker / BAGINC Small Suede Bag /  Similar lace up stilettos style at macy’s /








I’M WEARING:  Riverisland red suede skirt / THOMAS SABO EAR STUD / ESPRIT OFF SHOULDER TOP(sold out)  / Zaful Faux Pearl Flower choker / BAGINC Small Suede Bag /  Similar lace up stilettos style at macy’s /


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