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Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean owning a lot of clothes. Plus, if you don’t want to wast your money,and rather maximize your wardrobe budget, then make a wish list of clothes that complement the favorites you already own – it’s always helpful.  Just think about items that might pair well with your most worn items. You’ll get the most wear out of new items that look great with your current favorites. One of the best trick to always do is before you go shopping for example, think of yourself as your own personal stylist and improving your closet as your current project. Your goal is to build on what you have, enhancing and adding to your collection of clothes. By the way,scroll down to find out some masterpieces you might wishing for!


wallace_yolicia_swiss_fashion_bloggers_2016-barneys_faux_fur_coats_fall_winterFur coats like this Hucklebones’ coat are a decadent winter staple that need not be confined to formal occasion wear, and it seems like almost every designer has played with the fabric in recent seasons. Especially in neutral tones, the style can be worn day to night,with any look.

At this point, you’ve probably passed that phase in your life where basic bag were necessary. Upgrade yourself to a sleek new handbag such as this Metropolis Mania Crossbody Bag that doubles as a casual clutch!

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