wallaceyolicia-swiss_fashion_bloggers-2016_denim_dresses-stripe_colored_off_shoulder_tops.JPGLet’s not sugar coat anything here – blogging is hard work. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your ideas, creativity and knowledge and also  help you to connect with other people who share your interests . However, in order to start a blog, you have to have your own voice, but also to know that it’s a journey which is always trial and error. This means, it won’t be perfect it ever will be. You have to learn from your mistakes,no matter how big or small and always be open to change. Remember that everything is dynamic which is important for the longevity of your blog. 

This said, if you want to truly grow a brand and make a business out of your fashion blog you should first own a domain name and blog hosting(I recommend wordpress) in order to start properly. Paying for web hosting for your blog is not very expensive and can cost 100$ per year for very basic hosting packages. Plus, having a reliable web host will mean that your site is backed up regularly and you have rights to recover your website for any reason. If you’re using a free platform, you never know, it could shut you down at any point, with no warning and no way to recover your content. Therefore,a free blog is not a good solution. In fact, many of free blogging platforms don’t let you have a custom domain which gives across an unprofessional appearance to potential customers and subscribers. You’ll end being very limited with the level of customization and  your site will look just like everyone else’s.

Always find the balance between comfortable and fashionable and never go out in something you don’t feel completely comfortable in. Comfort is key even when you are being risque and testing new waters.When you put together outfits, despite the influence of trends, let the look define your style, don’t let your style be defined by the rules!  It could be the accessories that remain constant and wearable with all pieces or a signature statement like your hair style or color. So, forget the dress code, feel free to play with boundaries in small ways, use unconventional items as accessories and mix expensive items with inexpensive ones. Identify your signature style and make it work for you for every and any occasion.You’ll know it’s your style when someone sees a piece and exclaims, ” Oh that is so you! ” . For instance,if your style is simple and elegant you can decide not to complicate your outfits. However, you’ll sometimes go off the tangent completely with an extremely edgy piece but there is always a base piece that makes the outfit you.

Finally, I’m sure your know how the competition and the noise is endless in the blog sphere. Therefore, it might seem intimidating to join the vastly growing space of personal fashion blogs, but building relationships with your fellow bloggers will only help you thrive. To start, you can read and leave comments on other bloggers’ posts as it’s nice to connect with other bloggers because you’re in the same boat. I’m not saying you have to be sticky or fake toward other bloggers, but interacting with them means building your network. Plus, relationships with a person who owns a boutique, an editor, your nail technician. You never know where it’s going to go.









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