Wallace_yolicia-swiss_fashion_blogger-grey_long_winter_Dresses_Fall_2016_outfits_inspirationEven though summer months seem to definitely adopt maxi dresses, the truth is, these floor-length are better suited for the winter, so they have a lot more potential than people give them credit for. Maxi dresses aren’t only one of the most comfortable, flattering,they’re also surprisingly versatile too – they’re for instance, easy to add layers over as well as hide layers under which make them being the perfect transitional piece for fall months. If you thought your favorite maxi dress should be packed away during chilly winter days, I’m giving you the green light to rock it all year long. Wearing it is a way to extend your summer wardrobe and get creative with pieces you already have in your closet. Therefore, transitioning a floor length dress all the way from summer to winter is super easy, all you have to do is simply to remember first that it doesn’t matter what color or what fabric your maxi is, you can give your long dress a more apropos seasonal twist with the other pieces you add in. It means, that you should infuse seasonal-appropriate pieces including chunky knits, weather-proof booties and other high-impact accessories into your look, your wardrobe staple will remain relevant this winter and beyond. 

For example,wearing a long sleeve maxi dress with a duster coat is the way to go for winter months. Add an oversized scarf and some sassy boots, it takes your outfit to a whole new level. Don’t forget to accessorize heavily – get a good stylish pair of boots and most importantly, a strong winter coat that fits snugly to keep you warm and turns the maxi dress into an all-weather, stylish all-situation piece of clothing.

The final most essential part of your maxi dress look is how you top it off. In fact, as the floor length dress can feel floaty and at odds with the weather, you can still anchor it with weightier, warmer pieces up top. Try a lace up wool pullover under a leather jacket to offset the bottom half. If your dress has a slit, make it more daytime appropriate with a pair of skinny jeans covered up with a sophisticated suede trench coat. Truthfully, these maxis work like a blank canvas, style them up with sweaters, furry vests, and heavier coats to shape them into unexpectedly seasonal outfits. Therefore, think about your footwear as the key to taking the look from day to night – footwear plays a crucial role in setting the tone for any maxi dress look. With a flat or biker boot for example, your maxi dress becomes casual and daytime-accessible; with a heeled boot you can walk the line from day to night unlike the sexier ankle-strap option which only gives the look, a night-out feel.

I’M WEARING: CLUSE GREY ROSE GOLD WATCH / BOOHOO Grey maxi skirt /  ESPRIT  GREY JERSEY LONG COAT / Public desire blue shimmer knitted boots /









I’M WEARING: CLUSE GREY ROSE GOLD WATCH / BOOHOO Grey maxi skirt /  ESPRIT  GREY JERSEY LONG COAT / Public desire blue shimmer knitted boots /


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      Bonjour Janice! Glad to discover your blog thanks to your lovely comment and opinion. Indeed! You should def think about incorporating all your fabulous maxi summer dresses into your fall winter closet! it’s a great option to still stay on a budget.

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