I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the latest OnePiece campaignNight Crawlers which tends to delve each individual into reflexion by suggesting them to disconnect from their possible pre-scheduled daily routines. In fact, a routine appears as an act that you repeat on a regular basis – this basis can be daily, several times a day or weekly. However, I don’t consider it as something you do once a month or once a year, it’s more an action you’re doing so often that you get so used and it’s finally molded into you and your life. I don’t blame some of us who rely on a structured routine to give them stability in life. Knowing what to expect when we wake up every single morning with the same things isn’t that bad or evil, but why not considering that novelty and challenge can bring another dimension of happiness ? Henry Van Dyke said ”As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge”.

This is the reason why you should kill your routine even if it might seem counterproductive. Think about it, this can be a new opportunity for you to step out and shake things up a little. You’ll wee how it impacts your motivation and energy level. Don’t try to only follow the beaten path, find other things to do, it will screw all your routines up for sure. For instance, be just adventurous, book a flight and go somewhere new without planning except a reservation for the first night in a hostel. Therefore, it might be comfortable living in the same place for years and years, indeed! All your social networks are there and your job and all, but the possibility to move somewhere new, discovering a new city,country or even just a new part of the city, can really turn your routines upside down. 

To be honest, I love discovering new things about people, the world and the only sure way to do that is be open to that possibility. When it comes about hanging out with the same people all the time, it might lead to social stagnation. Why not talking to different people with different world views or attitudes? It will open you up to new ideas and new experiences. Finally, it’s important to constantly make revisions to your habits, to avoid becoming too fixated. Otherwise, you’ll feel pressure to meet the demands of your routines, and when you don’t, you’ll begin to feel as though you’re falling short of your own standards.

I’m wearing: OnePiece  ss17 Range Jumpsuit from the latest OnePiece campaign / ZARA HEELS /

I’m wearing: OnePiece  ss17 Range Jumpsuit / ZARA HEELS /

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