wallace_yolicia-Swiss_Fashion_Bloggers_2016_black_suede_fringe_skirt_lace_up_heels_sandals-how_to_be_confident_no_arrogantA confident person is not born, he is made. Know that a real and authentic confidence is built gradually and comes with experience and time, it’s not an overnight process. Indeed, you can fake it till you make it, but that genuine deep down confidence you aspire to, will take time. Confidence is not only for the select few, it’s for all of us, so know that you are amazing and it’s time for you to own it. First of all,stop hiding behind others ideas of who you should be and do things your own way. Try to expose yourself to new experiences by trying the things that scare you most often. It’s easy to feel less than confident when you try something outside of your comfort zone for the first time but it can make your inner confidence soar. For instance, one cannot deny the abundance of various photographers, fashion bloggers, teachers or lawyers or artists and service. Without forgetting the multitude of different streets packed with artists,letter writers or economists – But there, is only one you, that person who’s capable of so many achievements and the only way to really know if it’s possible is to just start doing.

You’re a person, you have an opinion and your opinion matters. Well, you won’t always get your way but you should know where you stand on things and be able to share that with others. This is why you have to step into your own power. Saying this doesn’t mean it’s using force or manipulation to overcome, but rather, it’s about realizing your natural state of goodness. It’s about trusting your worth, harnessing your energy and confidence to make a positive difference by simply.. being yourself . You see, be mindful everyday of what you can do to build your success, write actionable items into your to-do list, put a reminder on your calendar, whatever you need to do to be reminded and stay accountable for your own success – this is where your strengths will appear and as soon as you’ll be conscious of them, move forward and use those strengths in work, business, love, play or other fields. It’s just a matter of clarity and activation.

Don’t verbalize anything about yourself that you don’t want to become a reality. Think a lot of positive and optimistic things about yourself and your life, don’t hesitate to remind yourself of what you have achieved, what your strengths are and what you are capable of. However, I’m not saying being positive is being naive — it’s a sign of strength. Step by step, practice it in your self-talk, the way you share with others, your assumptions about the future, and the way you accept compliments. Don’t stop your path to compare yourself to others and their achievements or failures – i’s one of the worst things you can do for your confidence. What you see of others is never the full story,it’s a surface level truth of their reality. It’s only what the person chooses to project, so instead, only focus on yourself, know what your strengths and objectives are and spend your energy working on them. Therefore, alway surround yourself with positive and confident People and consider distancing yourself from those individuals who are negative, bring you down, and do nothing to help boost your confidence. Try to evaluate your inner circle of people, I know it could be hard especially if you spend a lot of time with close family and friends. However,ask yourself whether those you spend most time with are positive and confident people and if not, then consider a temporary break, or just reducing the amount of time you spend with them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much difference it makes.

I’m wearing: Zaful Off shoulder Striped Sleeve Blouse /  Similar Fringe Skirt at Revolve / headquarter lace-up heels(sold out) but similar at Asos or Short version / Color block backpack at Sammydress 

wallaceyolicia-Swiss_Fashion_Bloggers_2016_black_suede_fringe_skirt_lace_up_heels_sandals-90s_inspiration-Style  wallaceyolicia-Swiss_Fashion_Blogger_2016_black_suede_fringe_skirt_lace_up_heels_sandals-90s_inspiration-Style






I’m wearing: Zaful Off shoulder Striped Sleeve Blouse /  Similar Fringe Skirt at Revolve / headquarter lace-up heels(sold out) but similar at Asos or Short version / Color block backpack at Sammydress 


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