A few days ago, while sharing the wanderlust spirit that was growing inside my mind, I anyway gave you several indices about the reason of my short travel to Amsterdam with Desperados and promised to give more details sooner. The day has finally come! In fact, without revealing many details, Desperados has invited a select group of journalists and bloggers from several countries in Europe to join them in Amsterdam. Luckily, I was part of the swiss influencers(Minea, Alison & Sylwina) to experiment the adventure and come to the city without knowing what was the surprise until the mystery of the appointment was revealed during a night party ”Spin the Night”: the launch of the new limited edition beer with tequila, Desperados Flare. However, before that final ”crème de la crème ” experience, Desperado took us first in the capital of the Netherlands through the sensational Hotel W, to the restaurant Jansz, and finally to an exclusive party at Undercurrent to taste the new Desperados gold Flare and enjoy some exclusive concerts.

I wouldn’t have thought living that unexpected experience filled up with surprises in such a short time. In fact, let’s face it; we all get comfortable in our daily routines and when it comes about leaving yourself open to new things that are bit different, you may discover in a positive way that experiences, feelings and emotions were not what you thought they’d be.

In fact, after my trip to Amsterdam, and the adventure I had the opportunity to live, I’d say that I prefer not to let things go according to a plan but rather opt for when the unexpected happens. For instance, even if the new Desperados beer still content that original flavor, who you’d know that surprisingly, when you spin the closed bottle, it’d activate some gold sparks? it’s that additional ingredient which makes the beer glitter. I felt like the brand tended this time, to bring us a new way to embrace the unexpected through its Gold Flare launch. Thus, my travel experience in Amsterdam, made me feel that, those who dare and push their creative boundaries are those who aim to step into the unknown. It’s finally a fascinating look at how we can handle and harness surprise in our everyday lives,through work, relationships and people we meet around the world.












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