It is undeniable that lips are important and attractive features of our face. This is why taking special care of your lips is indispensable, especially with temperatures dropping and constant atmospheric changes during cold seasons like winter. As a result, it can be pretty rough on usually soft and silky lips. Chapped, cracked and dry lips can thus happen to you if you’re not applying a lip balm before your lip gloss, lipsticks or lip liners. You should make sure to use a lip protection that contains almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter or olive oil. In fact applying oils to your lips will help hydrate and retain their moisture. This will help your lipstick to stay on longer, and your lips will remain well moisturized.

In my case, my lips tend to get dry really quickly and there’s nothing worse than your lips peeling off. Among the several products I usually use for my dry skin or lips care, Labello lip balm is always included. In fact, a thin layer of it is a healthy trick before applying lipsticks, and a thick layer of it overnight results in baby soft lips. For instance, the latest Labello balm in limited NEON packaging does all the required nurturing during the night (surprisingly, the packaging also glows under UV light) when applied, providing long-lasting moisture with intensive care. With its creamy consistency, it thus spreads easily over the lips and doesn’t feel sticky or oily. As said previously, you should protect your lips by using lip balms that have healthy ingredients including Jojoba oil and shea butter which make it suitable for everyday use.

All in all, no matter whether your lips are thick, thin, classical or plum, you must take care of them properly and very gently to enhance your overall look. Good and healthy lips will help you smile more confidently!



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