Well, whether in transit or dealing with a plane that has been delayed, not mentioning that you can hardly move because of the enormous crowds, temperatures have rocketed, and your arms are aching because of the amount of luggage you have been carrying around. Therefore, another scenario could be built: your bags have been checked, your boarding pass issued, you’ve got now hours to wait before getting on your plane. So, what do you do if you’re forced to spend more than a few hours in an airport? The first thing you need to do, is to find a comfortable place and enjoy some quiet time. Most airports have some quiet rooms that are good for a little bit of solitary introspection, whether you want to pray, meditate or just contemplate your belly button in silence for a while. Furthermore, those who feel the need to be at home while away from home, you’d better find a Lounge place.  Once reserved, deluxe lounges can now be your secondary home for a few hours anyway and for a small fee, such as the Aspire Lounge at the Zurich Airport in Switzerland. To get in, there’s no need to be a Business-Class Passenger only, as it is opened for every passenger class. Your boarding card with you, and an additional extra-fee of CHF 35 are only requested to get into that Executive Lounge. Therefore, you’ll have the pleasure to enjoy with your entry, endless free snacks, drinks, wine, prosecco, the list goes on! Try to go when there isn’t much traffic, which means between 9-11 am or 2-5 pm (check their Instagram not to miss any opportunity).
You can also find another alternative to spend time at the airport such as spoiling and pampering yourself with some spas and massage shops. In fact, they have become ubiquitous at international airports. It will be easy to melt away your jitters with a muscle-tingling back or foot massage, or treat yourself to a facial treatment and a mani-pedi – Just don’t get so relaxed that you forget your boarding time!  If you prefer, go for the shopping option and use airport as a shopping opportunity to buy gifts for your family. However, some airports these days almost tend to have shopping malls that just happen to have planes landing, and prices are high since there’s nowhere else to go. But you can have plenty of free fun playing with some travel gadgets or sampling moisturiser and testing fragrances at many well-known shops. Therefore,if you have some extra currency to get rid of, just spend it on some locally made souvenirs or sweets to bring home. 
By the way, if you have a ridiculously long layover, simply turn it into a mini day trip and head to town. Indeed, doing into town can be chancy unless it’s a layover that’s very long or one you’ve planned so you can see a specific destination that’s been on your must-see list. Other than that, many airports have a close proximity to cities and provide an easy transportation from airport to city. If you don’t mind going through security again and have enough time to do some local sightseeing, leaving the airport during a layover is an adventure not to be missed!

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