Travel is defined in a number of ways, such as going from one place to another or proceeding or advancing in any way.There is always a good reason to travel around as life itself is an awesome journey! You are also likely to have a chance to engage in other forms of wellness on your trip. Being abroad makes you wiser, smarter and open to more opportunities, because the more you see, the more you’ll realize how it really works and you’ll get an authentic feel of cultures around the globe.

As far as I’m concerned, whatever short or long might be my journey, it makes me happier as I’m wanting to know more about any new country I’m visiting even if it’s for business or simply for leisure. In fact, last week, I flew to Amsterdam with Desperado for a special launch that will be revealed to you soon. Although it was my first time and experience in the Netherlands’ capital, which cycling is key to the city with those numerous bike paths. No surprising that I wanted to see its famous artistic heritage, eating in its those ethnic restaurants that the city has to offer. However, my stay was too short to enjoy all of these activities – even though I was only there for 24 hours,I caught the opportunity to capture a few pictures while walking around those streets with narrow houses and gabled facades. That feeling of traveling, constantly provides myself some mental stimulation by learning new things such as a foreign language, local customs and get a closer touch of any culture.

Either it’s a short or long journey, I think, we should enjoy it in the present. Don’t live in the past or even in the future, live in the now and travelling will give you the chance and the opportunity to enjoy living in the moment. Therefore, you can take one step further and allow yourself to explore the world alone. Indeed, being in a different country by yourself will seem tough at first but you will get used to the people,the culture easily if your accept to broaden your horizon. 

I’m wearing: Sammydress sandals / Na-kd trumpet sleeve playsuit / Chloé Suede Clutch (Similar on a Budget at BAGINC ) / Lace Up chocker at sammydress







wallace-yolicia-fashion-swiss-bloggers-amsterdam-travel-2016-lace-brown-romper-outfits-style-inspiration    wallace-yolicia-fashion-swiss-bloggers-amsterdam-travel-2016-brown-romper-style-inspiration



I’m wearing: Sammydress sandals / Na-kd trumpet sleeve playsuit / Chloé Suede Clutch (Similar on a Budget at BAGINC ) / Lace Up chocker at sammydress



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