Buying jeans that are already ripped can be expensive. But, good news: with some easy steps, materials and patience, you can customize your jeans easily and still rock any style. Therefore, it doesn’t request any degree or skills! You might have noticed how ripped jeans which aren’t a new trend, is a style that has fallen in and out of fashion favor since the 90s. However, it seems that lately, they have been more popular than ever. Between best street style fashion bloggers or other influencers,they seem to have taken a liking to torn denim in recently. That’s why, rather than spending $500 for the last distressed designer jeans pair, I’ll suggest you to figuring out how to make ripped jeans by yourself with one stylish way that stands out as being the most effective: the big holes ripped knees.

First of all, choose a pair of jeans that fit you well.  So you understood it, the first step, obviously, is picking out which pair of jeans you want to rip. Either it’s tight and skinny, or boyfriend style, in Black, white, or blue, from Light to medium, wash jeans typically look the best when ripped, as their color lends them a more distressed look. Dark washed jeans look too freshly dyed to be ripped, and might not look as “realistic.” Using jeans that are already worn a bit may give you better results than using brand new jeans, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing a new pair to create your DIY ripped jeans. Plus, don’t feel obligated to rip a pair of jeans you already own, as you can thrift for comfortable, cheap jeans at local secondhand and consignment shops.

To make the holes, use a pencil to mark the places you want to tear by drawing a rectangle vertically on each side of your jeans. Remember to make them just a little bit smaller than the ones you actually want to get as you want to get rid of the marker.To really make jeans look authentically ripped, for the holes, use a pair of super-sharp small scissors or a box cutter. Use a piece of cardboard or a small wooden block inside the pant legs so you don’t alter the back of the jeans. Lay your jeans out flat on a table, and take your scissors or knife and use the edge (not the tip) to start vertically scraping the area where you want your rips to be. Once you’re done, you will end up with some loose strings, so you can start using a tweezer to fray the threads. If skin is what you’re after, take a crochet needle and pull on the strings around the edges. For a more distressed look, pull on the vertical strings on either side of the hole and tear them in the middle, at the bottom or at the top. However, you can alternatively,  just cut a small hole and let it grow as you wear the jeans. It’ll also look more natural this way.

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I’m wearing:  SAMMYDRESS TOTE BAG /  Esprit black leather strappy sandals / SAMMYDRESS STRIPED LONG SLEEVE SHIRT / 









I’m wearing:  SAMMYDRESS TOTE BAG /  Esprit black leather strappy sandals / SAMMYDRESS STRIPED LONG SLEEVE SHIRT / 


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