Each destination has a different appeal and few weeks ago, I had the pleasure picking the best Croatia trip route with Ultimate Ears brand. Being lucky enough to have been part of the Croatia Yacht Week 2016, I wanted to share my experience to help you decide your future Yacht Week destination.  By the way, know that the Croatia route is about partying all day all night unless you go seeking the Croatian culture – I personally kind of missed any real interaction with it though. However, don’t misunderstand,the trip is all about having a great time with its high level of sophistication without mentioning what we, as guests can get as an experience. Therefore, the parties can’t be beat- whether it’s the Fort George “party in a castle” or the world-famous parties on Hvar island. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime party experience, then nothing compares to the Croatia route! As said previously,Even though most of The Yacht Week routes offer day activities to explore the destination, Croatia route doesn’t offer too much outside of the organized parties. However, you can still have the pleasure to enjoy a daily yoga and paddle boarding or the paragliding. Thus, I highly suggest coming to Croatia a few days early or staying a few days after to enjoy visiting the Islands and their most beautiful landscapes. Concerning the yachts, there are approximatively 50 boats per route, they are divided in two groupes which means the Red and Black Boats,but there’s no big difference between them  as they visit the same islands, just on different days. The islands and villages list we’ve been to is far one the craziest itinerary I ever done : from Trogir, Split, Vis, Komiza, to Hvar, Palmizana and the Natural Bay in 7 days, is in fact the most well known route that usually draws a lot of people from around the world and allow each individual to make new abroad friends from different nations. 

Beside the parties, during 7 days from Saturday till the following one, I had the opportunity to escape my mind in 7 different places from several Islands in Croatia. Indeed, during the day 1, I landed in Trogir, known for its high concentration of historical monuments and its diversity in therm of architecture from Romanesque to Renaissance. I was picked up to the Milna village where I admired its architecture  and enjoyed the delicious local cuisine but also discovered my Ultimate Ears Crew members for the week, before heading to Hotel Milna for The Yacht Week opening party. Well, Milna is a typical Croatian fishing village that would be a perfect destination for anyone avoiding the hustle of the city. Literally called  “Valle di mille navi” (The Bay of a Thousand Ships) as it’s the favourite stop for sailors, you can discover there four sand-pebbled beaches situated beside some beautiful pine forests. From day 2 till day 3, I’ve been to Hvar which is considered as the St-Tropez of Croatia. In fact,two of the most popular Yacht Week events are hosted in Hvar; one at the Hula-Hula beach bar and the other at Carpe Diem. Hvar is quite famous for it’s impressive nightlife and buzzing marble front which is filled with boutiques, bars, restaurants and cafes. The Day 4, the yachts anchored Komiza village, my Ultimate Ears Boat Crew, visited this charismatic small fishing area located on the western bay of Vis island before takin a taxi boat to the pier in the evening. I honestly felt in love with its ochre coloured houses and beautiful filled with quirky restaurants and ice-cream pop ups. During the evening, around the Komiza cove, was the Lunatic beach club where The Yacht Week hosted the open air party right on the water’s edge. Split Island is well worth a wander along the vibrant waterfront of the second-largest city in Croatia.

The day 5, our Ultimate Ears Boat berthed at the Vis Town dock, the Croatia’s most distant and untouched island that was only opened to foreigners in 1994 and where the historical architecture is rife. More than that, you can enjoy the long promenade with a number of great local restaurants and or have the possibility to rent some scooters – with some members of our crew, we didn’t resist and spent few hours weaving through the hills of Vis before enjoy the amazing picturesque sunset dinner at the Fort George for the 10th Anniversary Yacht Week celebration. Fort George’s restaurant and its venue set within the crumbling walls of an old British outpost, not mentioning the panoramic view from the bohemian styled garden is just as memorable as the food. The day 6 was the raft moment where all the yachts formed a cercle together in of the natural bays from Stari Grad. In fact, this was the traditional Yacht Week’s signature! It’s a chance for all the yacht to spend the afternoon swimming in the sea and mingling with other member crews from different boasts. Plus when the evening showed up, spontaneously, it became quite festive because of the variety of parties happening on each yacht and ended until the morning.

The day 7, we headed to Split. Well,you can’t visit this island without discovering the Diocletian’s Palace in the old town. Inside this impressive Roman monument, are an array of vibrant local restaurants and colorful shops – a must-see place ! The Yacht Week defined this 7th day as the regatta day where you’re able to help your skipper sail, show to other boats your most fancy, fantasy clothing and decorations. Plus, during the evening, the Yacht Week crew surprised all the guests at the Vanilla Nightclub by celebrating the last day route with a goodbye firework. The day 8, my head was filled up with more than 100 incredible experiences such as sailing, lifelong friendships from around the world, not mentioning the mind-blowing memories and other crazy stuffs I’d been getting myself into.wallace-yolicia-wanderlust-croatia-yacht-week-trip-for-7-days-in-7-places-summer-destination-solo-traveler-2016
















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