Striped, the classic pattern that reminds the Parisian chic and nautical vibes all at once.It cannot be denied, striped shirts are indeed an undisputed wardrobe staple and, lucky for us, there isn’t just one perfect style. In fact, every women need options such as your favorite Little black dress or dark skinny jeans that fit just you right with everything. It’s quite easy to fall in a routine of the same old, same old, you easy can easily get exhausted of every style possibility. However, either it’s in tight, loose, tank top or long-sleeved, this versatile and easy to wear striped piece can be incorporated with any outfit no matter what kind of style you have.

Firstly, you can keep it super simple and pair your striped shit with high-rise shorts and some confortable sneakers, so you can create a sporty look. But you can go for ripped jeans and pointy heels, and ending up by creating a sporty chic  but still casual outfit look. By the way, adding a graphic punch to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to wear any striped top as it will add a fun contrast and makes your style interesting. You understood it: look for an unexpected combination such as like a bright red and white striped shirt with a colorful yellow clutch as an accessory. Don’t be afraid mixing you striped tee with other prints!  For instance, try to incorporate your striped top with florals and lace or teaming it with a tartan plaid skirt. Plus, make sure to complete the look by adding your most edgy ankle boots. All in all, the striped shirt can be challenging to pull off and  is a staple that will never go out of style. It’s a kinda “neutral” of the print world, pairing as perfectly with other patterns as it does with denim, leather, khaki or more – the  possibilities are endless with any wardrobe power player !

I’m wearing: Esprit white Striped shirt /  Esprit white sneakers/ similar fluted leather skirt at yoox  /  Esprit Patchwork print scarf / 









I’m wearing: Esprit white Striped shirt /  Esprit white sneakers/ similar fluted leather skirt at yoox  /  Esprit Patchwork print scarf / 


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