wallace-yolicia-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-2016-paches-badged-jeans-jackets-summer-bloggers-outfitsLet’s admit it: Having one piece of denim such as a jacket has a certain subtle chicness that holds its own, whether thrown over a slip of a sundress or paired with the most elegant clothing – there’s a certain element of nostalgia associated with it. However, there’s still one question that can almost make yourself have nightmares: Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim? Twice as much denim is twice as good will be the answer but if you’re not quite convinced yet, follow these 3 easy tips bellow to help you avoid any fashion fate.

Well, you can go further with the double denim which can be a tricky look to pull off but it looks amazing when you get it right.  If you are looking a street style fashion vibe with a more modern side, wear different denim washes, such as the combination  of a vintage-inspired, lighter blue jacket with a skinny ripped black jeans. When you wear double denim, keep in mind that lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body areas they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. Thus, if you’re curvy below the waist, the most flattering denim on denim ensemble will be a lighter denim on top and a dark wash jean or other denim separate on the bottom. However, the cool look that can work for just about every body shape, from skinny and petite to curvy and plus is the classic eye-catching, patchwork denim jacket over dark jeans.

If you tend to opt for a casual look for all your the occasions, just layer a cropped denim jacket over your favorite jean skirt. You can wear a jean washed bomber jacket with a denim pink mini-skirt for a fresh style. However, try wearing a classic jean jacket with a distressed denim skirt for a rocker vibe, with a pencil skirt for a more classic look, or choose a long, floor-length denim skirt for a bohemian chic feel. Try to keep your top simple with any casual double denim outfit, whatever length of skirt you choose, in case you do unbutton your jacket at some point. Try a slouchy, solid-colored tee-shirt or tank top. Your look can be accessorized with one or two simple accessories, such as a bangle bracelet or stud earrings and finalized with a pair of comfortable flats or edgy velvet ankle boots

The last suggestion would be for any of your daytime outings when you want to look pulled-together, but not like you’re trying too hard or if you want to make a great go-to look for casual Fridays at the office: Play with light on light denim. For instance,if you want your outfit to be current and versatile, a soft chambray denim lace up shirt looks fresh and city-chic when paired with streamlined white jeans. Dress up with a structured leather bag and if you want to make his outfit look more laid back and don’t forget to wear the jacket open over a basic tank !

I’m wearing: ESPRIT Fashion trainers shoes / Sammydress Patches Jacket / Sammydress clutch / Sammydress Skirt











I’m wearing: ESPRIT Fashion trainers shoes / Sammydress Patches Jacket / Sammydress clutch / Sammydress Skirt

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