If you get tired of having to wear just one specific style and changing it up every day, combine two or three distinct styles to create a new look. Indeed, it’s called the mixing and matching game. It allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when you are on a budget or have a limited wardrobe. Thus, it allows you the most optimum use of your clothes and accessories and lets you express your individuality and your style in an emphatic fashion. However, this can be tricky to get the hang of at first, but those following tips will help you pull it off in a way that makes you look fashion-forward yet effortless.

Firstly, be unexpected and do something out of the norm. If you combine two styles that are similar such as girly and glam, the game will be defeated. Look for contrast such as pairing a lace slip dress with your pair of sneaker and a leather biker jacket. Therefore, you can go for extremes; For instance, try wearing a college tee with a floral mini skirt and heels. You can also experiment price ranges which means playing with the ”High-Low” clothing price. It can be turned into an art especially if you are on a budget. That trick is all about pairing a designer dress you saved for months to buy with a pair of cloth purchased in Chinatown. Don’t forget to mix it up by occasion. For example, you can rock a glittery pair of pumps with a basic t-shirt, or a fancy dress with a more casual pair of shoes if you’re feeling daring! 

When it come about accessorizing, don’t try too hard to make things match. If the major accessory doesn’t match with the outfit right, just remove it. However, you can still break the mold by going for rocker-chic accessories as they give a girly dress,skirt, top, a real kick! As a result, your look won’t seem as sweet and romantic, but more edgy. Just wear with confidence, don’t listen to other who yet don’t understand the idea of fashion freedom. If you receive any irritated stares from disgruntled individuals, know that you look great because you’re doing something different. Remember, it’s a challenge if you feel a bit out of your comfort zone, pat yourself on the back for daring to try something new and broadening your wardrobe horizons! If you can’t decide, go with either a fashion that fits your personality, or one that’s the total opposite of your personality. 

I’m wearing: Sammydress Striped Long sleeve shirt / BAGINC SUEDE CLUTCH BAG / Sammydress Necklace / 









I’m wearing: Sammydress Striped Long sleeve shirt / BAGINC SUEDE CLUTCH BAG / Sammydress Necklace / 


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