Today, I’m wearing a total under $100 outfit and feel confortable yet stylish. Indeed, high and haute couture are great…if you can afford the costs. However, the good news is that you can wear off-brand as they can make you look great if you know what to buy, where and how to style your budget clothes. If having limited resources has been your excuse as why you can’t look fabulous,let me tell you that you can be broke and stylish. Ignore trends,only wear what looks good on you. In fact, trends change and over time, they’ll fade away into the same place. For instance, if you want to make your clothes look ”expensive”, focus on purchasing classic pieces that never go out of style and define your own individual style. Being unique is hotter than being a carbon copy of a fashion magazine, I guarantee you.

Push the concept of loading up on basics as they are your wardrobe foundation. However, basics need life to look good. It means that, any outfit is found in what you do to your basics to make them interesting and different each time you wear them. Buying and wearing basics in different ways is a crucial key in getting the most use out of your wardrobe. But if you don’t have a consequent budget to spend on clothing and can’t afford much more, basics can be manipulated in a way if you learn how to use them effectively. For example, neutral colors and fabrics look best such as white worn with shades of khaki, or dark-wash culotte worn with a lighter chambray top easily trick others into thinking you spent a fortune on pieces that can be found at a huge discount. When in doubt, go for black – it’s the easiest color to dress up to look chic,elegant,edgy and will always be in style.

If you aren’t convinced, instead of basics, splurge on accessories to elevate your entire budget look. In fact, accessories have quite a few benefits such as they can be worn multiple times . Therefore, a longstanding item in your wardrobe, can become a statement when you just tweak how you accessorize  it. If you are on limited funds and need some freshening up, start loading up on neutral bags or jewelry, particularly necklaces.  I’m sure it won’t be long before that boring item you never accessorized looks really fresh again when you start adding some inexpensive punch. Take your basic white v-neck t-shirt and skirt, add a gold necklace, a statement-making pair of ear cuff , an outstanding cross-body bag, and the outfit will suddenly go from boring to a casual bold look.

I’m wearing: Sammydress high waist denim skirt /  Zaful Rhinestone Choker Necklace /  SammyDress Tote bag / Sammydress Off Shoulder crop top / Sammydress Lace up sandals /










I’m wearing: Sammydress high waist denim skirt /  Zaful Rhinestone Choker Necklace /  SammyDress Tote bag / Sammydress Off Shoulder crop top / Sammydress Lace up sandals /


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