wallace-yolicia-NYX-cosmetics-eye-shadow-palettes-2016-makeup-beauty-vloggers-selection04Indeed, makeup placement is key, and if you’re new to the game, figuring out exactly what to choose, how to do with all of these palettes currently on the market can become a daily struggle. However, keep calm and always choose a makeup palette that is for every skill level and create the versatility to rock anytime, everywhere from intense to shimmering nude looks. Here is my NYX palettes, where I’m providing my list of 5  palettes to help you to start your makeup collection – you will be able to find your perfect match and see how it works. You can also discover two contouring palette that add another dimension to an otherwise uniform foundation tone. All in all, from eyeshadows to contouring palette, I think NYX has most pigmented tones that are quite easy to blend. See bellow those variety in colors to help you create a large number of looks that doesn’t require a high skill level.                 

 1. NYX cosmetics RCP02 Heart Of Gold Palette: Called also ”the Rocker Chic Palette”, it features five vibrant eye shadows with which you can use to take any look from soft to dramatic. That studded color collection has bold tones that allow you to get ready for every gig, so enjoy!

 2. NYX cosmetics FTSP03 Full Throttle Haywire Shadow Palette: If you are looking for endless opportunities to create from edgy eye makeups to delicious and soft looks, choose this one as has color-coordinated shades, so you can create just your favorite makeup. 

3. NYX cosmetics HCPP01 Highlight Contour Pro Palette: This one is a contour and highlighting palette for professional makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts. The set includes eight customizable highlighting and contouring shades that are perfect for emphasizing your favorite features. You can build your own customized pro palette as the pans are removable and refillable. 

4. NYX cosmetics DCP02 Dream Catcher Palette : Named for the Greek goddess of the night, this Palette collects ten amazing shades in one portable palette which is quite perfect for creating a multitude of looks. Each color is highly pigmented, so you can adjust a little or more by using an applicator and blend with makeup sponge for the easiest. 

5. NYX cosmetics CHCP02 Medium Cream Highlight Contour Pro:  This one comes with three creamy and silky shades: one for highlighting, one for the contouring and the last one for adding a luminous, dewy glow. It contains everything needed to expertly sculpt, define and emphasize any features.













1.  NYX cosmetics RCP02 Heart Of Gold Palette  / 2.  NYX cosmetics FTSP03 Full Throttle Haywire Shadow Palette / 3.  NYX cosmetics HCPP01 Highlight Contour Pro Palette  / 4.   NYX cosmetics DCP02 Dream Catcher Palette / 5.  NYX cosmetics CHCP02 Medium Cream Highlight Contour Pro   

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