How To Style Grey Color In Cold Weather


Some of you may already know the humorous and lunatic weather of my dear Switzerland country that likes indeed to play tricks on us, poor swiss people. That kind of unpredictable weather situation, I guess, should push us to try on something light or darker and ideal from our everyday wear. That’s the reason why, this post of the day is all about grey color outfits for cold weather! In fact, grey is a massive trend these days with which you can either incorporate with other colors, or go totally in grey, replacing all-black and all-white looks. It’s an elegant shade which gives to your style that touch of sophistication. From silver, pepper, slate gray, storm cloud,taupe gray, to platinium, roman silver, hoar, or rocket metallic, grey shades will bring your outfit out its best! It’s a color that provides a softer alternative to black and is actually easier to wear in many different ways, for every women skin tones.

Grey tones are nowhere more apparent than in soft pastels like baby blue and light pink, it looks fresh and modern with brighter shades! For example, pink is great on a turtleneck knit sweater that you could combine with both your old silver gray skirt or skinny jean. Therefore, shades of grey with a pop of color lends itself to more edgier looks – lime green is a great example of popping color that’s against the soft grays. For instance, a pewter grey belted robe coat is another great cover-up to have during cold weather. So, complete the look by adding a lime green clutch bag. However,if you want more edge, wear in one tone than your grey coat a gray suede pant, it will be a softer option – Simplicity is the key!

By the way, I recommend you to blend layers of grey, you’ll be surprised by its depth and diversity. You can combine various shades of grey that have different fabric, it’s something I recommend the most, as it’s always a smart and stylish option. Wear for example a charcoal grey sweater (which looks awesome) styled with a metallic coated skinny ,completed with a mixed grey tones faux fur cross body bag which makes your look edger! You can make it more grungy, by wearing simply with your ripped jeans ,combined with a grey wool plaid coat finished with. All in all, no matter what style you’re sticking for, you can wear it anytime. A cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t look your best and make your outfit look delightful !

I’m wearing: Bleach ripped boyfriend Jeans at Topshop  / Oversized Grey Coat (Bought in a Flea market, similar style at Nordstrom or Matchesfashion ) / Zara Heels / CLUSE WATCH / C&A clutch bag(Similar at Kohl’s )  / Alexander Wang Top / Similar Longline Vest at Topshop







I’m wearing: Bleach ripped boyfriend Jeans at Topshop  / Oversized Grey Coat (Bought in a Flea market, similar style at Nordstrom or Matchesfashion ) / Zara Heels / CLUSE WATCH / C&A clutch bag(Similar at Kohl’s )  / Alexander Wang Top / Similar Longline Vest at Topshop / 


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