How to start your first fashion blog? You need 1 million followers, wear, breathe and speak Prada, Chanel or Versace and only sit with the most successful style bloggers. This sounds pretty much easy right ? Well, the reality is a little bit different. In fact, being a blogger requires some serious thought, planning, and work. However, don’t give it up, through those few steps, you’ll be one step or heel ahead of the game – first, let’s be clear: there are tons of style bloggers out there today but just like anything fabulous, there’s definitely room for more. After all, it’s a form of networking, a way to showcase your style, position yourself as an expert, and get known in the fashion world. However, how can you possibly stand out from the well-heeled crowd? I would suggest to nail your unique viewpoint. With thousands upon thousands of people starting fashion blogs every day,it’s important to have a clear point of view, whether it be your writing, style, or photography. For instance, if  you’re a style blogger, it’s not necessary to have the same handbag or pair of heels that everyone else is wearing all over the web. There are already thousands of blogs that have been dedicated to the top fashion brands, you don’t need to be just another one. Don’t pretend to wear what you don’t have,you can inspire people with your outfits and designs by displaying them on your blog instead of picking someone’s else pictures – don’t be lazy. You can wear them yourself and show it to your readers so they are able to identify with you. You can also promote your own outfits and designs on Instagram through relevants pictures. 

Don’t expect to start a fashion blog and be able to earn money right away. For myself, I’m a full time student at the university, a dance teacher and a sales representative as a job student beside my blog, so, success doesn’t happen overnight in this industry. The most important thing is to just get started and keep learning.Your blog needs to have something to offer a brand what they can’t get anywhere else ! In that case, you should get your fashion blog off the ground by writing genuine and engaging contents. Plus, it’s always easier when it comes from the heart. The more you give of your genuine self, the more beautiful your fashion blog will be. You don’t need to be the coolest, the thinnest, the best dressed, you just gotta be you. Don’t follow the formula. I know it’s a challenging one to figure out because the reason a formula exists is because it works  but so often you can look at a new fashion blog and just think ‘ Hmmh where have I seen this before?’ . Well, people want to read, follow, a fashion blog that breaks the mould, it’s tricky to show your blog’s unique visual voice in a way that is clean and engaging.

Don’t make dumb mistakes such as telling stories about your life: You would think this one would work too as people love stories when you look at how popular movies and books and television are. The stories they tell captivate millions of readers or viewers right? Surely, it should work on your blog too. Unfortunately… you don’t have a movie or book or television show about your life, but you can start your blog by talking about what’s happened to you and what you’ve learned. However, it doesn’t mean anyone will read it. In fact, the harsh truth is that most of us overestimate how interesting our lives are. Of course you have a story, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good story. Instead of sharing to people how great your life is, inspire people through your own story, situations that happened to you and how you solved them.  All in all, for the best chances of ”converting” people to readers of your site, write about topics that will be interesting for them without forgetting to share it everywhere on the web. Use social networks as your key contributor but don’t do anything you can’t keep up with. You don’t need to be on every single possible outlet. Pick the ones that you feel are most relevant to you. For some people that’s Pinterest, for some it’s Instagram; find which ones you can do well and just do them. So make sure to link them all up in a smart way, such as your Facebook feeds to your Twitter and Instagram; that’s an easy trick to increase your presence by making everything line up.





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