From pale pink, milk caramel,powdery mint,to velvety peach, and baby blue, these pastel candy shades instantly cheer up and turn any look on the positive way. So, let’s embrace this season’s sweetest candy colors with those cotton delicious shades as they come to rectify things and please the eye! However, let’s be honest – when it comes to real life, incorporating pastels to our wardrobes may seem a little tricky! That’s why, you shouldn’t forget that whatever you do, try to be creative and self-confident ,you’ll look chic and sweet, while sporting a rainbow of taffy-colored hues.

The most important thing concerning pastel shades is not to overdo with the ”all sweet everything” style, which can be a little too much. Instead, don’t be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Light beige and coffee shades will help you balance the girly nature of pastels as well as for gray and cream tones, they look incredible combined with pastels too. By the way, keep in mind that all pastel colors looks amazing with each other! So, you’re welcome to mix and match more than two pastel shades in a look. In order to do it good, mix pastel shades on the principle of color-blocking, by wearing clothes with clean straight lines. For instance, you can confidently combine pastel pink with pale lemon, blue with mint green, creamy orange with purple, and wear pastels the best way. However, pastel color-blocking won’t work with clothes that have complicated cuts,details or draperies. Plus, you’d better be guided by minimalism, which means you should always going for pieces with clean and sharp lines – they place the emphasis on the design of the garments rather than the pastel shades.

Pay attention to wear pastels according to your skin tones. In fact, dark skinned girls look great in lighter and more creamy pastels, so you can wear head-to-toe pastel outfits, which is incredibly feminine and sophisticated. If your have a  lighter skin color, go for coffee tones and richer pastel shades. Therefore, it’s also fun to wear pastels with brighter shades in order to create a little contrast! Don’t forget to pick complementing details  shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewelry in darker shades.

I’m wearing: Genetic Los Angeles boyfriend jeans / H&M bag / Zara heels(similar at Yoox ) / Zara Long knitted shirt 

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