Well, I’ve always been an animal lover, I full-heartedly advise you to avoid buying into an industry that may mistreat those lovely furry friends. If you really love the look and feel of fur, then opt for faux versions instead as there are plenty of options available and they are cheaper. This said, if you already own a fur vest or want to buy one, you probably feel a little confused about when and how you should wear it. I get it, as I’ve been several time in the same boat.

First of all, remember to always rock your faux fur depending on the season. However, pay also attention to the length of the coat according to seasons. The shorter fur coats look funky and are cooler in spring, the mid length ones look classy and can be worn in fall or winter, the long ones look edgy. For spring, look for products with faux-fur accents, to give an interesting kick to your ensembles such as a sleeveless fur coat . As well, look to accessories – for example, fuzzy oversized bags are pieces that I didn’t pay attention at first but I’ve been swayed in recent weeks. Therefore,bags are even more intriguing if they’re embellished! In fact, there’s something fresh and fun about a slightly formal outfit that’s brought to life with a big furry clutch. Concerning,fall and winter(or if your country has problems with hot weather like mine), go for pieces that are dyed in different shades such as my Romwe Faux fur or try further effect by owning a patchwork fur . By the way, as the faux fur vest is jazzy enough on its own, therefore make it the focal point of your outfit, and don’t over accessorize. Plus, never mix faux furs because,if your coat, jacket or bag is furry, stay clear of mixing another faux fur on your boots or hat.

All in all, for casual or dressy occasions, faux fur keep you looking stylish, putting your outfit on la crème de la crème”statue. Since fluffy vests are eye-catching ,they look best when worn with simple items and neutral colors as they keep the attention on your vest. Keeping this rule in mind makes for a balanced outfit. Remember, you don’t need to own real fur – with faux ones, you can still get incredible effects and colors to your style.They will make you look like you belong to a virtual fashionable specie!

I’m wearing: Romwe Multicolor Faux fur /  Zara fringe skirt(Similar at Revolve) / Baginc suede clutch bag / CLUSE WATCH  / Zara lace up heels ( Similar at asos )







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