wallace-yolicia-how-to-wear-suede-skirt-winter-boots-styles-2016Spending all your money on the latest fashion clothes even if you don’t look good but convince yourself on the contrary or wearing ”it” brands but not obsessed by them is what I call being a fashion slave. It cannot be denied that trends are an important part of the fashion world, but for many,let’s be honest, are also a fashion trap. A trendy is a social categorisation of person who follows modern fashion and can also be applied to other social groups concerning their own appearance. Let’s be clear, I don’t blame anyone from being apart of a certain group of style. I blame those who let themselves go in a mould and only swear by what is defined as ”in, trendy” without first embracing their own approach of style. It has never killed anyone to own a few fashion pieces(Remember the fashionista must-have list )..but not from head to toe.

Finding your own style means being stylish because you show your personal elegance, taste and refinement(unlike trendy which means that you’re following the latest trends and fashions) Being stylish is about having enough taste that you can put a good outfit together. It’s knowing what looks great on you. You don’t need to flip open a fashion magazine or browse to a fashion site to be  up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. This won’t make you look good unless you understand your own style sense and taste first. Whatever you do, don’t ever become a slave to anything fashion related. Don’t become a slave to color, a slave to trends or a slave to certain fashion you don’t appreciate. Mix it up, keep it cool, and above all, have fun with it! Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded or mistreated.

As far as I’m concerned, I too, few years back,had moments of self doubt about my clothes while looking at some people who owned most trendy clothes(high priced). However, over time I have learned not to put my looks down in the process. We are all unique and express our style in different ways. All in all, build a style that’s based on timeless classics, and when you want to add a fashionable piece to your wardrobe, do it because you genuinely like the item, not because it’s trendy. In this way, you won’t follow the crowd but your own sense. So, forget about being trendy, only focus on becoming stylish. Take fashion risks while staying true to yourself.

I’m wearing :  simply be suede skirt / Cluse Watch /  ZARA BOOTS(similar style at NastyGal ) / Faux Fur at a flea market ( Similar style at Macys or Monsoon ) / H&M COLOR BLOCK SCARF / 

Dépenser tout votre argent sur la dernière pièce ¡t même si cette dernière ne flatte pas votre -wallace-yolicia-how-to-wear-suede-skirt-winter-accessories-styles-2016 copie





I’m wearing :  simply be suede skirt / Cluse Watch /  ZARA BOOTS(similar style at NastyGal ) / Faux Fur at a flea market ( Similar style at Macys or Monsoon ) / H&M COLOR BLOCK SCARF / 


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