Well, the temperature has considerably dropped right before I was even ready for it, so the time for piling on clothes has finally arrived as well as the dreaded fear of looking like an urban eskimo! However,staying warm doesn’t have to equal feeling unwieldy. We all know it, winter is the season for bundling clothes up warmly, and to adopt a style that not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit more interesting. It means that, you should step up the layering game and not be afraid to experiment that fashion perspective. The most important thing about learning to layer is getting a good handle on the basics. So, from cozy sweaters to leather pants to pastel coats, these are the items you need in your closet to take your layered looks to the next level.

For instance,give yourself a break from your everyday black winter coat, opt for a color block coat and trust your most chic knit oversized scarf  that has a similar tone as your coat and keep that cold air out. I’m always pointing out the beauty of leather because it’s warm without being thick. So, be sure to own a edgy leather pant and combine it with a pastel turtleneck sweater under your color block coat without forgetting a grey denim tunic under your turtleneck sweater that matches with your most daring boots. You got it? This outfit is a perfect example of the layering game, in a soft manner. You associate different clothes textures and colors that look similar in the style but that have some contrasted tones.

There aren’t any complex calculations to figure out how to layer like a boss, it only depends on how well are you ready enough to make it right. All in all, layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to maximize your comfort outside. What’s most appreciable with this simple concept is that it allows you to make quick adjustments based on your day schedule + the temperature and furthermore,it’s an important element of dealing with this cold winter weather!

Style&Co similar Envelop bag / H&M leather pant(similar one at Therealreal) / Zara boots / H&M color block scarf / Navy Coat bought in a Flea Market(Similar cut at Boohoo ) / Similar Tunic at Nordstrom /

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Style&Co similar Envelop bag / H&M leather pant(similar one at Therealreal) / Zara boots / H&M color block scarf / Navy Coat bought in a Flea Market(Similar cut at Boohoo ) / Similar Tunic at Nordstrom


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