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A different day, a different post. However,consider this new paragraph as a long virtual sheet of paper written by a swiss twenty something blogger who barely isn’t a fashion professional but who keeps screaming that there are a number of very good reasons not to follow fashion trends. Well, if you just can’t face wearing anything that’s deemed fashionable, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing what is “in” or not because what’s more important is to wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable and cool (my 3 CCC self-confidence words).

It cannot be denied that fashion can be utterly ridiculous. Take an example to those catwalk trends you wouldn’t be able to wear in real life unless you have a strong personality, so why wearing something that makes you look ridiculous and unflattering? Therefore, don’t you find annoying to see several people wearing the same item you’ve just bought? In fact, avoiding what fashion makes as a statement means that you are more likely to dress in an individual style. By refusing to follow the rules you are showing your difference(You can already call yourself a Fashion Outlaw). Typically, there are good sides and bad aspects of Magazines as they can be fun to read, but can also exert quite an influence on your perception and idea of what you should be wearing. Enjoy reading them by all means indeed, but be aware of how you could become manipulated nor influenced. Trust me, nowadays, finding your own style isn’t magazines, designers or stores goals, they are just making you thinking about buying something, not to make you having a different approach of style. This is called marketing through simple key words persuasions(rules and tips).

By the way, let’s not forget that the truly irritating thing about fashion is how quickly it changes. So you may buy an item that soon will become perceived as dated. I sometimes receive some interesting emails of you guys asking ”I went through the site of your skater skirt outfit but couldn’t find it anymore, it’s sold out ” Well, hold on a minute, that skirt isn’t sold out, they set it aside as it’s in fact run out of fashion trend but will be ”in” again in two years. Whatever you like or may have liked in the past will come back into fashion! So if you’re particularly fond of tweed jackets, don’t worry they are deemed this season’s style. However, sooner or later, they will again be the latest style at the limit of ” fashion faux pas ”. That’s why, I recommend to use Fashion as a game and something fun,don’t be a slave to it. You’ll just end up spending lots of money to replace perfectly good clothes, and may wear items that just don’t suit you. Who will be the winner at the end of that vicious circle? Fashion trends depend very much on your size, build and personality. If something that is trendy but just doesn’t work on you, pick something that does otherwise at the end you’ll be down and frustated because you know that latest style doesn’t work for you. Wear what is right for you not what is right for the fashion supremacy.

I’M WEARING: Sandgrens clogs / Similar metallic trouser a J.CREW / Similar Blouse at Zalando / Similar Tweed Jacket at L.K.Bennett , JuicyCouture or Houseoffraser / PIECES studded cross body bag(similar style at Shoptiques) / FIND MORE AT MY BOUTIQUE  / Check out this outfit on Lookastic


-Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles-

how-wear-studded-clutch-bag-Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles

Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles-


how-wear-studded-clutch-bags-Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles-

Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles

how-wear-studded-clutch-bags-Wallace-yolicia-swiss-fashion-bloggers-Stylish-Ways To Wear-Clogs-Mules-Summer-spring-styles

I’M WEARING: Sandgrens clogs / Similar metallic trouser a J.CREW / Similar Blouse at Zalando / Similar Tweed Jacket at L.K.Bennett , JuicyCouture or Houseoffraser / PIECES studded cross body bag(similar style at Shoptiques) / FIND MORE AT MY BOUTIQUE


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