There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and stylish, right? In fact, jumpsuits have been huge this summer so, to get the best look, I’ll give you a few reasons to give the jumpsuit a try and some tips to kill the vibes! Well,depending on the fabric and style of the jumpsuit, it’s an item that can be easily glammed up or dressed down. Some of you remember that style was fashionable in the 70′s but is currently back on-trend. That’s why, you shouldn’t be afraid to try them as they are great for mixing up your everyday look or nighttime wardrobe.

If you’re a casual wear woman and are lucky enough to have legs that go on for miles, try a cropped Jumpsuit. However, avoid getting too casual with your footwear choice. That’s why I suggest a flat shoes as the Valentine Gauthier mocassins I’m wearing today or go simply for a pair of white Adidas. If you have shorter legs, then definitely opt for full-length pants and go for wide-leg jumpsuits. Accessorize these with a killer pair of sunglasses(give a try to a daring indie hipster piece) when the sun comes out, add some flat sandals, ballet flats or even dress them up with a pair of heels if you want to get noticed!

You should know that black and daring jumpsuits would definitely suit a lady with broader shoulders. They draw attention away from the shoulders, and focus on the neck instead. Of course, we all know  that black is always a good choice because it’s slimming and sophisticated. As you understood,the dark color makes you look long and lean, and emphasizes your beautiful figure instead of any problem areas. Besides, if you want to rock your evening but you’re sick of the skinny jeans,a blouse and pumps combo, try a chic lace jumpsuit instead. Jumpsuits of this nature look fabulous when they’re dressed up, but can come off as a bit sloppy when they’re not accessorized properly. That’s why, you should dress it up with a leather jacket and sleek gold jewelry. All in all,I really recommend you to embrace the jumpsuit: it’s a clever way to wear the same color from top to bottom, and there are thousand of jumpsuits style for any occasion and every body type!

Last but not least, I hope having helped you with those few tips and can’t wait to share with you an upcoming hair review as some of you asked me to share my hair routine and brand’s extension(which is IrresistibleMe clip-in extension at the moment). Have a nice day!

Im wearing: Valentine Gauthier mocassins / Zerouv CAT EYE CRISS CROSS SUNGLASSES / Linen Jumpsuit bought at a flea Market(Similar style at BOOHOO,  LOFT , Missguided, ) / H&M Pack rings(Similar style at Riverisland) /Rhombus Wristwatch at Amazon /

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Im wearing: Valentine Gauthier mocassins / Zerouv CAT EYE CRISS CROSS SUNGLASSES / Linen Jumpsuit bought at a flea Market(Similar style at BOOHOO,  LOFT , Missguided, ) / H&M Pack rings(Similar style at Riverisland) /Rhombus Wristwatch at Amazon /


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