Few days ago, I had the opportunity to review the Grand Hotel Salerno in Salerno, a gorgeous city in Italy. As you may well expected, I jumped on the occasion to enjoy that Tyrrhenian Sea on the beautiful Gulf of Salerno again!  In fact, as my father-in-law is Italian and was born nearby Salerno,from Montepulciano,I was used to go to Italy especially in Salerno every summer during my childhood and discovering the joy of Italian’s culture.

If you plan to visit the city, may I recommend you to discover the Salerno Cathedral which is the main tourist attraction in the city because of its crypt where there’s the tomb of Saint Matthew, one of the twelve apostles – it’s a must-see! Lungomare Trieste(”along the sea”) which is quite known to be one of the best city’s promenade in the country. It really worth it to walk along the sea  lined with palm trees that extend for five miles. Therefore, take a look at the  Amalfi coast, is also another must-see destination for its impressive art treasures, enchanting,spectacular landscapes and unspoiled beaches! As I’m a food addicted, in Salerno there are many good restaurants and pizzerias that serve a variety of local dishes as well as specialties of other Italian regions. Most good restaurants are located in the center of the town and the oldest restaurant in the city is II Vicolo delle Neve in the historic center. I advice you to give it a try because this restaurant is famous for pasta e fagioli !

By the way, while appreciating the few days I was spending over Salerno’s city, my major priority was to review the Grand Hotel Salerno, one of the most spacious hotel from the town and is just a few steps from the beach(in fact, just at 3meter from it) and 2 minutes from the city center by walk.

Well, for a 4 stars Hotel, some of the strong points it got is the spacious accommodations,the snack bar and its panoramic view above all. In the room where I stayed, there was a 320 air-conditioned room(geez thanks, it was too hot!) featuring a minibar. However, there were two spacious private bathrooms with with a separate bathtub in one side and shower in another just for a bedroom made be a bit wonder why they didn’t manage it all in one bathroom. As I’m not a big fan of watching TV, I didn’t check if there was a satellite programming for any entertainment. Well, it wasn’t my priority during the stay. Worst of the worst was wireless Internet access,which only kept me connected while I was at the Hotel hall but wasn’t working at all in my room. Despite the fact the Internet was free,I’ve tried so many body positions to catch a bit of that nonexistent Wi-fi without concrete results.

Fortunately to console myself, I went to the Spa which was just my absolute favorite part of the hotel. In fact they have some premium amenities to get pampered with onsite massages and body treatments such as an indoor pool, a sauna, and you can also enjoy a free access to a fitness facility and to the Centro Benessere Nereidis spa(another must-go!) which features a saltwater swimming pool, gym, solarium, Roman bath, hydrotherapy, plus massages using marine-based skincare products. However, you have to book in advance for massage and spa treatments!  Concerning the dining, I really got my appetite satisfied at the hotel’s restaurant which served delicious Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner.

All in all, if you’re looking for a leisure travel in Salerno, this hotel ensure a relaxing holiday amidst beach and sea. Despite some inconvenient as I said previously, I think the price worth the stay as it’s a quiet place with rooms that are just in front of the sea. By the way, hope you will find through this post a persuasive argument that will bring you to Salerno with the Grand Hotel Salerno  at your sides. Have a nice day!

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