If you want nothing more than to get away, need an adventure that feels a world away from reality or a fairytale destination that makes you question about 1000 things, you should know that traveling alone is an amazing experience but it can also be demanding. Indeed! everything from your itinerary to how much fun you have is all up to you. I remembered when I said to my friends I wanted to start travelling alone, their reactions were all like “Wow, that’s very brave of you!” “Aren’t you scared?!” “Will it be safe?” “Whaaat? alone? hmmh no way,I could never do that.”

My response dear readers is that there’s no need to wait when the world is calling. I mean, you should travel whether it’s because you want to experience more, find it more convenient, or want to know yourself better through your own. As for myself, it’s usually because I either want to immerse myself in a place without the comfort of having a friend to fall back on, or I simply want to get away and be alone for a while.

As far as I’m concerned, I advise you to take the plunge and once you land wherever you decide to go, you’ll feel empowered enough that all your concerns about feeling lonely will wash away. Therefore, as traveling alone is no longer taboo, it’s now trendy to go on trips alone which allows you to discover the freedom of exploring a new place on your own terms. That’s why, I’m sharing with you below,5 places to go solo as far as they are my must-see countries and cities to discover!

Melbourne, Australia




Melbourne city is located on a large natural bay with sprawling landscapes and rich culture, I think it’s perfect for any solo traveler who loves endless beaches. I’ve heard that Melbourne is known for its fantastic street art and you can take a walk or a bike ride to take in some of the scenes. The city has a cheap public transportation. Australia is also said to be considered safe for international travelers,so Melbourne is no exception. By the way, my must-see choice for Melbourne was because it’s an edgy multicultural city, known for producing talented artists, musicians and fashion designers. I’m also mostly interested into exploring the rest of Victoria, including The Yarra Wine Valley, Phillip Island, and the Great Ocean Road!

Tulum, mexico

Mayan Ruins of Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tulum-places-for-solo-travellers-wallace-yolicia-fashion-swiss-bloggers Coqui+Coqui+view+beach+Coqui+Coqui+Tulum+Mesico+wallace-yolicia

Tulum,which is located at 80 miles southeast of Cancun, is best known for being the shockingly-beautiful seaside backdrop of the ancient Mayan city. It has earned a reputation as an idyllic location for yoga and meditation retreats.can partake in daily yoga courses and guided meditations or scuba through nearby freshwater caves. As it’s one of my recommended place to go solo, I think every kind of activities offered there are a bigger opportunity for self-reflection. Therefore, a few quiet days spent on a white sand beach can be a nice way to give yourself some space to de-stress and gather your thoughts.


Desde la isla Taquile, lago Titicaca, Puno - PerúSalt-pans-Maras-PeruCusco-Cuzco-Cuzco-Quechua-Qusqu-Qosqo

Huacachina , Ica , Peru , Nazca , Desert

I’ve always wanted to immerge myself into the most famous and popular countries in South America which is Peru. I’ve hear and read lots of articles revealing that most people flock there to hike the Inca Trail or see Machu Picchu,this legendary “lost city of the Incas”,one of the most-visited tourist attractions in all of South America and one of the best historical sites in the world. Personally, I would ove to explore the jungles, see the Amazon, head to Lake Titicaca,learn about local culture and try the coca tea. Oh, if you’re a student like(I mean financially speaking) or live in the Western Europe(a long ride..), the flight will be expensive! That’s why I’d recommend to visit Peru in the fringe months of April and May or September and October because of the low-cost trip.




I definitely added Bangkok in my must-see basket for solo traveler! Nothing refreshing than immersing yourself in the Buddhist culture, spending time in one of the many temples and take time to appreciate the culture and everything it has to offer. Philosophically,Bangkok is a great place to slow down and remember who you are. One of my closest friend have been to Bangkok so many times and told  me about many bargains that are found in Bangkok and decent hotels that are secured for low prices. Therefore, the food is said to be cheap and tasty(I’m a food addicted!). I would love to see those famous floating markets as they are a common tradition throughout Southeast Asia with vendors who’re exchanging a colorful array of goods!

BALI, indonesia


Bali is a base for meeting and mingling with other solo travelers over sumptuous communal breakfasts in a lush tropical property. I guess, Yoga, spirituality, spas, massages, beaches, organic eateries and markets have made Bali to become famous for such a diversity, which makes it a staple for solo travelers from across the globe. Above all, its food is delicious,cheap, as is the cost of living in general.

There are thousand of activities that push me to go to Bali such as Slipping down natural water slides, rappelling down water-falls, jumping into natural pools and explore the jungle. Embarking on a day trip that combines the best of culture, heritage like a peek into the daily routine of the rural Balinese and the beauty on the island would be the perfect trip.

As I said previously,traveling alone is the best way to see the world. You deliberately travel solo, because you’re experiencing the world without the influence of a third person’s tastes, prejudices, or preferences. While traveling alone, you’re more likely to be on a voyage of self-discovery. All in all, my last advice is if there’s somewhere you really want to go and you have always dreamed of traveling, buy a ticket, and go it alone! As travelling solo requires a little common sense, don’t get yourself into dangerous situations. Be careful who you trust and always follow your instincts. Travelling alone forces you to be independent, and with that comes confidence. There’s no better feeling than realising that you can be self-sufficient, and survive alone in an utterly alien environment. Have a nice day!



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