-black-bloggers-Wallace-yolicia-how-to-wear-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-styleDear readers, I missed you a lot…after having dived into my university exams those last 4 weeks, I took myself a little rest with some friends and met above all my family. I also had to manage lots of administrative tasks concerning my personal life such as my scholarship. By the way, today I wanted to talk about how to keep the positive attitude when you feel down or may not receive the merit you think you should have. You should know first that,life is a constant fight in which you need to prove your skills, to be strong enough to support the pressure, and what the society expects from you to be .

However, no matter what, believe that you are in charge of your destiny. No one can take your dreams from you as long as you’re still breathing. If you have determination and will power, you can do almost anything. Success is whatever you determine it to be and you can be successful. Even when you do nothing, you are still creating your life so why not make it something to remember? Keep a journal and at the end of the day, write down the best thing that happened to you. Don’t go into the details just write something good that happened or something that you realized or a cool poem or quote that you found. Therefore, do something special for yourself and do something special for another person each day because it will help you feel better about yourself

As this world looks different through people lens around the world, be sure to get your own camera too which gives you a personal perspective and the critical sense you need. Be proactive(dont only react, but act!) and think about things ahead of time so you end up with happy moments instead of just waiting around for bad ones. Even if the worst moments drag you down, try to believe that each moment is perfect, regardless of what happens later..yes they do happen but just let it go. I also think there’s nothing wrong with having dreams or goals, but in the meantime, enjoy what you have… even though it may not be much.Seize every opportunity you have instead of regretting it later and when you have the chance to improve yourself or try something new, don’t sit around at home and wonder and think about the pros and cons. Just jump in with two feet and do it because news experiences are a great way to help you enjoy your life. Last but not least, keep your sense of humor by learning to laugh and people will be grateful. Laughing creates such a positive energy within you and those who can hear you that you don’t absolutely need to take your life too seriously… be willing to admit that yes, some moments are funny which is a great to help reinforce a positive attitude inside your mind.-black-bloggers-Wallace-yolicia-how-wear-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-styleWallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-style-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-capeline-flopy-hat-fashion-bloggers-tips-style-black-bloggers-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-styleblack-bloggers-Wallace-Yolicia-striped-summer-dresses-fashion-bloggers-tips-style -Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dresses-capeline-flopy-hat-fashion-bloggers-tips-style Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-capeline-flopy-hat-fashion-bloggers-tips-style black-blogger-Wallace-Yolicia-striped-summer-dresses-fashion-bloggers-tips-style -flat-white-sandals-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-style black-bloggers-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-fashion-bloggers-tips-style trendsetter-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-capeline-flopy-hat-fashion-bloggers-tips-style-Trendsetter-Wallace-yolicia-striped-summer-dress-capeline-flopy-hat-fashion-bloggers-tips-styleAll NewYorker outfit excepted the floppy hat (Similar one at DEBENHAMS)


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