There will alway be that new trend in town which makes a style statement that’s soft,girly and awesome: I’m talking about Pastel! Some people might think pastels are only meant for Easter, but I firmly disagree; most pieces are perfect to wear all spring and throughout the summer, too! By adding a few pastel items to your wardrobe, you can easily mix and match fun colors, or liven up a more neutral outfit. Don’t be wary of looking like a child; pastels can, in fact, be edgy and on trend.

As summer is now straight around the corner, it’s time for you to embrace the audacious light tones that reflect our love for sunshine. However, like all good things, sporting pastels can quickly become visually overwhelming. Don’t worry,if you wear those pretty pale shades head-to-toe is unmistakably bold and feminine, but it’s also refreshingly and stylish because it’s not a ‘deja vu’. If you don’t feel confortable with the all pastel style, a beige layer or nude accessories will tone down the sugar color while staying in tune with the washed-out color palette!  If you really want to up your style game and be a true fashionista, wearing pastels with prints is daring and really kills everything!

By the way, I think that no pastel list would be complete without a shade of pink. However, too much can be overbearing, but a subtle, light shade can add the perfect touch of color to a summer pastel outfit. If you tentatively like the color but aren’t sure where to start,try incorporating a light pink into your favorite accessory or makeup routine. If you’re a pink addicted,try updating your signature look by wearing bold shoe or top. Blue is also a great tone by its calming shade that is perfect for any season, but the muted shade is excellent for this season and the one that’s coming soon! Last but not least,give a try to the powder blue because it’s a great pastel to work into your spring and summer outfit. If you’re already a huge fan of the shade, try a dress or shirt and if not, work it into your accessories with a bag or some cute earrings.wallace-yolicia-black-bloggers-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-style wallace-yolicia-black-bloggers-how-to-wear-pastel-on-pastel-colors-style -wallace-yolicia-leather-pastel-skirts-black-bloggers-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-style wallace-yolicia-black-blogger-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-style wallace-yolicia-leather-colored-skirts-black-bloggers-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-style -wallace-yolicia-leather-colored-skirts-black-bloggers-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-style -wallace-yolicia-what-wear-summer-2015-black-blogger-how-to-wear-pastel-blue-colors-styleBAGINC pink bag / Mango Pointed Heels(Similar at ASOS or  RiverIsland) / TallyWeijl Skirt(Similar at ASOS or NordStrom) / H&M Pullover(Similar at LaRedoute) / Similar Pink Trench coat at Debenhams


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