assets-atchesfashion-BANNERS-listing-banners-coatswallace-yolicia-black-leather-pencil-skirts-jumpers-nike-backpack-leather-ankle-bootsWhere to start?..If someone had told me before that I would  live  almost two intenses weeks of my life from Milan to Paris, I wouldn’t have believed him. In fact, I decided at the beginning of this year that my blog would pass a new milestone and would live a great adventure.  I decided that taking the risk would become my daily routine which would give me so much energy to realize things I had found impossible to do before. First of all, the first step I promised to my blog to reach this year, was to attend for the first time,Milan Fashion Week. To be honest, I’ve seen this huge fashion event as something unreachable because of my low notoriety which i’s not as big as the most famous fashion bloggers,including the difficulty to get an access to ‘private’ shows in Milan. However, let me tell you that e-ve-ry-thing is possible if you believe in your work, if you got the courage and especially if you’re daring and adventurous. We all know that, being a fashion blogger means we continuously have to prove our skills, show to brands our potential value. But this little dark side shouldn’t  slow your motivation down because it’s the deal if you want to become successful.

 I know it right event if I started my blog one year ago…I had two bad experiences in Milan and Paris such as when I was attending a show and seeing other big bloggers(without counting editors,buyers reality shows stars and their friends) name being treated like super stars while I had to wait until they get into the show…then, when my turn arrived, I got the last of the last row sitting (well,no view of the show). I also had another similar situation while in Paris Fashion Week too, when I got already my name and invitation for a show but nobody could fine me at the entrance, so I had to take out my claws, impose myself, showing my determination to get in and telling who I was. You see, even if I already knew it, I faced again the reality but at this time in real life that I was nobody among 300 millions other bloggers from all over the world who were also trying as me to stand out from the crowd. This feeling, trust me gives you a slap on your cheek and vigorously wakes up you in a good way. I was sincerely happy to know it, to face the truth because I was ready for it – ready to work harder than ever. I laughed so many times too because I remembered in the past, I was watching  most of the time the feedback of runways shows on youtube or searched the collections informations on blogs. I couldn’t imagine one day viewing them live, talking to the designers, attending presentations and showroom I was almost dying for.

Even if I was tired because I had been running from shows to shows, changing two times a day clothes in order to get exposure with my outfits through photographers, I was so happy, excited, exhausted and above all…very thankful. Indeed! I also experimented the great feeling of being photographed by more than 5 photographers at the same time because they found my look interesting…lord what an amazing feeling! I still can’t My dear readers, being thankful for what you have is the best way to enjoy every single things in life because they could all be taken away tomorrow. I did all these without any assistant, manager, I even didn’t know any photographers who could have the time to shoot my look during fashion weeks as Luca wasn’t with me – In fact, I was lost for the first time in somewhere I haven’t had any experience before! I also took  with me some closed friend and another blogger friend Stephanie Guillaume and we both realized how powerful working together on fashion weeks was beneficial to us. When bloggers help each other, it’s the best way to grow and gain new contacts. By the way, I’m writing you straight from my bed these last letters while smiling, and still grateful for this magical adventure that you’re currently reading. If you can’t get enough of this story, I already shared some pictures on Instagram and Facebook. However, more will come soon!  Wishing you all a lovely day by the way!                     black-leather-pencil-skirts-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots leather-pencil-skirt-hair-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots leather-pencil-skirt-hair-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-ankle-boots leather-pencil-skirt-hair-sweater-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots black-leather-pencil-skirt-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots leather-pencil-skirt-hair-jumpers-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots black-leather-pencil-skirts-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-winter-boots leather-pencil-skirts-hair-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-short-boots _DSC9268_meitu_1 leather-pencil-skirts-hair-sweater-nike-backpack-leather-short-bootswallace-yolicia-black-leather-pencil-skirts-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-ankle-bootsblack-leather-pencil-skirts-jumper-nike-backpack-leather-ankle-bootsSimilar fur pullover at Shopbop / Portia Crocodile Skirt / Similar Leather and Varnish boots at Yoox- Rupert Sanderson or Swear / Ray-Ban Sunglasses


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