cosmetics-beauty-products-bloggers-review-skin-products-tips-use...None can lie about the fact that beauty products are loved by every woman! I mean, we use them to present ourselves in a beautiful and attractive way. So, knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when selecting the best skincare routine. Healthy skin starts with a commitment to a regular skin care regimen, using high quality products every day. I’m not talking about the price but about what these products contain inside.  

I know right from my last experiences that some high brands skin care products sometimes don’t move impurities nor build-up of dead skin. I also noticed that we often think to care of the face first, but our body also needs attention. All in all, as I know it’s not easy to usually find what matchs with our skin, I thought it could help your to make a guideline that you can follow and then select some essentials skincare routine through my personal beauty products. 

1) Eco By Green Culture is sincerely one of my best skin product. If I travel and I’m lazy to bring with me each product for each part of my body, I can use this little bottle for everything which is for hair & body – it combines all without having to compromise. I like the fact that it has some botanical raw materials cleanses and strengthens your hair,gives it a natural shine without making it heavy. It create a pleasant perfume with a healthier skin cells.You will see fewer signs of aging guys !

2) Okey, that’s a little bit to intimate but when it comes about clothing I wear, I certainly can’t afford some pieces because of their price –  too expensive! Unfortunately, my closet is crowed most of the time by cheap and sold clothing so… as  I’m very sensitive to fabrics, I need to be careful concerning my skin and allergies I can get. That’s why I recently discovered that you can use some shampoo for fabrics and I’m currently using LavePur both for my outwear clothes and underwear(especially!!!).

3)The Bath Perfume Soap is just divine ….I received this one by a new blogger friend Joséphine and I tried to find where you guys could have the same but I finally found a similar perfumed soap bar by Diptyque. I remember, while enjoying my last holidays in Paris,the hotel where I was staying gave some beauty products and one of them was the Bvlgari Bar Soap! It was the first time I tried this kind of ”perfumed soap for bath….Now it became a drug!

4) For my natural afro and extra curly hair I use  BYPHASSE which makes my hair looking smoother,radiant and I really saw my curls nourished. This product redefines the curls with its aloe vera and provitamin B. I personally use it every second day right after my hair shampoo time  by creaming my hand it trough my damp hair (it also works when your hair is dry). You don’t nee to rinse it by the way.


5) Paul Mitchell Curls Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo is an ultra-moisturizing with its rich lather that leaves hair soft and manageable so curls always look their best! Thank to it, my  hair is more even and radiant Oh, and the better way to use it would be first to apply to your wet hair, then massage your hair(my favorite part) into a lather an finally work through with comb or your fingers.

6) I really do appreciate using normal skin soap while having a shower because I feel like the soap cleans my skin better and give me the feeling to have a baby skin! I have more than 5 different skin soap from low prices to high and one I can suggest you at the moment is the Blue Q Luxury Soap(my order is on the go and can’t wait to receive it!) which is made with pure vegetable base! Therefore, that soap has some essential oils and a delightful scent combination. The soap is individually wrapped and packaged in a match-box style, slide-action cardboard sleeve for the perfect little gift for yourself or someone you love.

7) L’occitane douche gommante, and 8) L’Occitane ‘Verbena’ Shea Butter Liquid Soap, are for dry, sensitive or damaged skin. As I personally have dry and sensitive skin, this brand is one of my favorite to use. In fact, both products have some nourishing Shea butter and soothing aloe vera extract. So,my skin feels softer and looks smoother. The first one(7) is so fresh and naturally formulated with a vegetal soap base and wheat proteins to cleanse without drying. I just love it! The second one has a light texture which quickly slides on my skin. It softens and protects from drying due to a too calcareous water – Unfortunately,my studio’s bathroom does have so much calcareous ohhlala! 

9) The Shea Butter Hand Cream is a super smoothing hand cream with 20% Shea butter and honey. It has this alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences…I can die when smelling this cream..its texture is quite pleasing and miraculously absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. What’s great is the fact that it has some anti-oxidizing vitamin E which helps nourish!

10) The Vaseline which is you all know, a 100% Pure Petroleum, is a big, huge, enormous skin Protectant, cheaper and so great for dry skin!  It helps lock in moisture to keep the skin looking and feeling soft and healthy. I often use it for everything…I don’t lie..I use it when my skin is irritated, for my hair, if I cut myself…yes it’s said that it protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns! So guys, if you want your skin being healthy and keeping looking its best, one advice, adopte the vaseline.

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