LBD Little Black Dress - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2014barre-fine

Finally here we are! today, 3 weeks later, I’m going to briefly summarize 4 magical days during which I meet great people and had no idea that fashion industry had such a presence in Switzerland! first, as I told you on my last post, I really enjoyed going to #H&MStudio Showroom to preview the ladies and menswear SS15 collections which was hosted at the Prime Tower in Zurich on Wednesday. 

After it, still On Wednesday, it was the opening Gala which started off with designers such as Lala Berlin,Lug von Siga and Julian Zigerli who showed his incredible graphic prints and innovative cuts! However I was quite disappointed by Max Mara because I had already saw their last fall winter 2014 collection and unfortunately it was shown at the #MBFDZ- something I didn’t really understand. They sincerely could have shown another runway presentation and something new instead of their last F/W collection! On Thursday,the second show edition opened with Julia Winkler, you know the designer behind Studio Winkler brand. In fact she was the winner of last year’s Annabelle Award! However, last time, with a different style and another fashion conceptual, Elisa Kaufmann the 2014 designer winner, had a very down to earth creations! I was really impressed how she imbedded wood into many of her looks. Therefore, her combinations were not extravagant, her cuts and materials were well thought.

Friday evening was the celebration of of Notte Italiana which means Mercedes-Benz presented us some Italian designers. and my favorite Italian designer was Vivetta ! I was totally obsessed with her Spring-Summer SS15 collection. To be honest if one day I’m able to collaborate with this designer I’ll jump around till I die. By the way, the other two designers didn’t impress me that much because their collection were a bit full of leather,fringes or very dark. I mean, Fashion Weeks are also made to create something big, not usual to see, a huge effect that will have consequences on mind. By the way,on Saturday it was finally the Swiss selection presented by H&M. I discovered an impressive brand called the Little Black Dress which has incredible caught my eyes by that white girly theme mixed adding with purity of a sexy woman’s style. The collection was also made of contrasts between pastel,white and nude. I really loved how the patters were very rich in colors and characterized by bold geometric shapes. 

I’ll end this post by telling how it’s really great to have those fashion events in Switzerland which is particularly known for being closed mind especially when it’s about fashion industry,art and culture. It was such a pleasure meeting interesting people even if I must admit that there still have some pretentious(fake) attitude on Fashion shows with some people who pretend to be someone they are not(that really makes me getting upset and disappointed). However, I remember someone said to me ”fashion is superficial and you must sometimes take things as a game and play with what you have”.  I’ll however and forever taking every single opportunities as the best experiences I can have. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the little glimpse of the #MBFDZ ss15 collections I appreciated below!barre-fine


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