Well, before sharing with you this new post today, I would like to thank you so much for my birthday wish through my Instagram and Facebook account! Even though I revealed you on my last post not being fond of that kind of celebration anymore, it was also really pleasant to see some of you sharing the same vision about that subject.

By the way, I’ll end this week by wearing my black jumpsuit which I really had missed! How not adding some flowers to this look? I’ve maybe never told you how much I love flowers and even more when it comes about flowers-crown. However, I’m not very good at the ”do it by yourself” and I won’t pretend having done this flower-crown by myself too because styling a floral crown can be really tricky and I’m sincerely not qualified for this. If you love flower crowns then you will want to take a peek at Sneakypeekshop which is brimming with beauties! I really think flowers especially flowers crown have been a huge trend recently. Yes, remember Dolce & Gabbana or Marni from Consuelo Castiglione at the Milan SS15 Fashion Show!

Some people will say it’s maybe not the ‘perfect time'(Autumn, Winter) to start experimenting this inappropriate season hair accessory but I’ll reply who said you couldn’t change fashion’s rules? I mean, floral crown has seen a real revival in the past year vintage adding with whimsical, they all have been turning to the floral headdress and now give us a pretty and rustic style whatever the season. However..don’t wear it out when it snowing but use this accessory when you’re attending a cocktail party for example! it will remind the up coming spring to all people around you.

I was wearing: Similar Jumpsuit – French Connection Jumpsuit  or Lisa Jumpsuit / hand-made Sneakypeekshop Flowers-crown/ Suggestion shoes

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