fall-hat-pink-skirt-pastel-hairs-sweater-pullOHOH IT’S MY BIRTHDAY..

What’s a special day! the big deal day when everyone is contacting you and making sure that you are having THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Friends want you to go out and get crazy. “Come on, it’s your birthday! You have to go out! well, why isn’t it socially acceptable to spend this ”birthday” on your couch and enjoy it through reading, or writing on your blog? Am I an alien or some of you will recognize themselves too through these few lines?

To be honest guys, I need to say that I’ve become sick of my own birthday years after years. It’s been like sitting in front of a bunch of people and opening gifts that I may or may not want(most of the time I love receiving)  became a sort of anxiety..and being sung has been horribly embarrassing to me. Why? maybe simply because celebrating my birthday after passing my childhood, then my adolescence doesn’t have importance anymore.

I really think a birthday with no hoopla or public embarrassment, because whether people like it or not, it’s your birthday(your day!!) and you should be able to do anything you want to, or most importantly, do not want to. huhu, when it comes about giving a present…well, I know when you give the wrong gift, and there’s that silence that just ‘hangs’ in the air with flies around, and even though your friends, or family say they like the gift, you both know it was the wrong gift right? haha even though I still love giving presents and love to received.

Usually, when I admit not appreciate celebrating my birthday,most people probably have an image of an angry-eyed, bratty child, pouting with her arms crossed because she’s upset about something and maybe is against society. No no no I want to say.  In fact,there’s still this thing that haunts me: I dread my birthday because I’m growing old and expectations aren’t the same as they were in the past…hhhh I had lots of good memories when I was more young(sounds like if I’m now 80), this unconsciousness of was going on around, this innocence was present and of course I was feeling better through this carelessness that was present.
However, I won’t refuse my mum’s invitation(she’ll get very upset if I do) because she’s always urging me to make something for this special day with my family or friends and it’s kind of funny sometimes! How to say no? aaargh..I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but pretty much I’m just putting it out there that I have this inexorable fear of celebrating this birthday…that is today.






I was wearing: 1. Fluffy Sweater / 2. Similar shoes: WindsorStore Heels or  Forever 21 / Similar Midi Pencil Skirt  or GianFrano Ferre Skirt (Blue) / Fall hat in Blue or in Black Skimlinks Test


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