The oversized coat trend is one of the biggest this season! I saw it during some fashion autumn and winter collection shows this year and of course according to lots of designers and magazine. However, a lot of you maybe dicey about wearing is and not very keen either on it because it is seemingly unflattering depending how the coat is. Therefore, some of you might have only liked it on skinny lanky models and some not even on them. However,I love coat and I want you to love them as much as I do so here we go for some explanations!

Over the past few years I’ve become a huge collector of coats, that’s why I really wanted to share my enthusiasm for this fashion investment! The right coat is a wonderful thing to turn to before you head out the door! I would also say that with the right styling and right coat you can make it work, but it still won’t be as flattering for many women’s taste.




 I know style is a personal choice after all and I respect that, but what I can suggest you, is to wear these coats I’ve chosen for you with for example pants and jeans! yes in general, skinny jean or pants work the most with coats. Oh and please, lave your coat unbuttoned in order to reveal your clothing inside(That’s what I do most of the time) because it’s more appealing! by the way guys, I really hope some will catch up your eyes. After all, some trends each season are decidedly tricky and this is one of

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