Rome wasn’t built in a day! It means that,dedicate as much time getting to know your blog style and making it a blog you would want to read.

This is clear, we have in front of us a real thinker, strategical, multi-skilled and business woman. Well,she has more than one trick up her sleeve! Therefore, with her minimalistic chic and monochromatic style caught my attention, I couldn’t help interviewing he!, Guys, you’ll will be in for a treat now, so enjoy  reading her passionate story!shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styledsc_2460-copy_edited-1Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.30.03
I live just outside of London with Mr. Luxe my husband and our beloved maltese terrier Boo. I’m a writer by trade but where opportunities have arisen I’ve worked on all sorts of projects. From styling editorials to launching press events you name it I’ve dabbled. I’m currently dipping my toe in fashion blogging and having the most fun ever. Oh and, my name is Lorna from, a born and raised Brit with a diverse background in travel and tea-making!
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I’ve always been interested in making things pretty, my earliest memory is of me on a family holiday arranging all my dolls and souvenirs on the dressing table. And after university I began a career with Virgin Atlantic as a long haul air hostess. It fed my need to travel and ultimately inspired my love for fashion. I spent much of my down time on trips exploring markets and buying into new culture trends. Fashion is a great way to communicate your personality when you’re in a foreign land.werwerwerwer

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As a new blogger, I’ve found social networking to be an incredibly useful tool and resource. Meeting other bloggers and sharing ideas has been so satisfying and also great in helping me build my brand. Ultimately whilst I don’t diminish the importance of promoting your blog, the best advice I would give is to dedicate as much time getting to know your blog style and making it a blog you would want to read. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

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My favorite color is yellow. It makes me smile and brightens up even the rainiest of days. My favorite city is London of course. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this wonderful city. Accessories? I have flavours of the week, month, year even so this is tricky. I’d say my watch, because it’s practical, pretty and white gold with diamonds. dsc_1827-copy
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That’s really kind of you. I have Mr. Luxe to thank for most of my blog shots. If I’m composing an outfit post, I brief him on how I want the images to look and then we head off and shoot them with me directing-him-directing-me. It makes for a lot of fun and surprise seeing the outcome. The rest of the images are edited by my own and I love one app called  PicFrame and the Insta filter Valencia, that’s just top!
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Well, I would say: Frivolous, Unapologetic, Fun, Day-to-Night and Luxurydsc_0418-copy1
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Mr. Luxe for sure. I trust him to be honest and if he reads my blogpost and laughs/giggles his way through it I know it’s ready to publish. My blog doesn’t ever take fashion too seriously.

Meeting new people – the fashion blogging community is cool, friendly and a fun place to hangout. The writing is my passion but I’ve also learned so much about my own personal style just by putting words to the outfits I wear. And the best thing – I finally have a legitimate excuse to go shopping. hehesdfef

If in five years time I’m still privileged enough to write about my personal style and call it my career then I’ll be a happy luxe.
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What I’ve always done, shopping, shopping and no seriously I love to do other stuff. Hangout with my dog, play the piano, spend time with good friends (we’ll maybe do SOME shopping) and to holiday. Mr. Luxe and I try and take 4-6 vacations a year and I make sure to enjoy every second of them – note-to-self: must try and sneak in a blog post between mojito’s!! dsc_0418-copyCapture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20Here we finally are at the end of this interview from our coolest Lornaluxe Fashion blogger! I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some good up coming news on the blog! Have a nice day folks!tips-for-smoother-skin photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png1534952_10152299251260418_8069938761746418449_o37385_277


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