It’s become really difficult to stand out from the mass and be unique in your own way as there are so many fashionblogs nowadays!

shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styleP6220758webWho is this little angel who always looks shy,precious with light and flawless outfits on her pictures? You’ll almost never see her without all these creative flowers crown on head! In fact, she’s been creating these gorgeous flowers crown that are become a huge trend currently for 3 or 4 years now! Discover this little pretty face who loves mixing fashion and creativity together and share your thoughts through this interview!
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My name is Michaela from I’m a 22 years old girl living in Switzerland and currently studying business administration at university. I love arts and fashion and in my free time I like to do handcrafting and creative things. I sell my handmade products at my mothers local store and I run also an etsy shop with my flower crown creations.

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I always loved to watch and observe people and their way of dressing but it was not too important to myself. But when I was in high school I payed more attention and chose my outfits more carefully. And I think during my gap year when I lived for some time in London I got totally captivated by the fashion scene there and the way of clothing and expressing my own style.3246403_open-uri20130825-8571-zsnuui
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My style changes from day to day and depends a lot on my current mood. Speaking generally, I think I follow a very girly and dreamy style. I love bright colors and everything with a special pattern or fabric. Especially I love vintage items as well as flowers in every possible way.
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My absolute favorite pieces at the moment are some of my daisy dresses and flower skirts J, I just can separate myself with them!3270182_open-uri20130905-531-1epm469
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Start writing and posting about what you like most! There are for sure also other people that are interested in the same thing as you are. And be honest to yourself and don’t try do to just play a role that does not really represent you.
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Yes sometimes but not often.  However, that’s great to get offers from online shops to represent one of their items etc.P5189899web
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Hmmh interesting question! well, I think it’s really difficult to stand out from the mass and be unique in your own way as there are so many fashionblogs nowadays. But you need to trust in yourself and on what you’re running! So, patience is your best friend and not your enemy. You should take all the opportunity you have in order to succeed in what you want.
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Creating flowers crown are not only my hobbies muse and passion! In fact, I’m a huge fan of  hats. I have also a big crush on rings and necklacesCapture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 17.52.24
Basically, I take all my photos by myself with a tripod. Only on few occasions, I get a friend,my mom or my lovely sister who can take the pictures of me

I love to express my style and connect with other same minded people.

I don’t know… Possibly more professional, haha I don’t know really! I have time to think about it, but for the moment I love blogging for the pleasure 😉DSC_4690_2webCapture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20Here we finally are at the end of this interview from our adorable Michaela Fashion blogger! I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some news coming soon on the blog! Have a nice day guys!tips-for-smoother-skin photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png

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