black-classy-jacket-pointed-heelsstyleIn less than one month, The university will start and…I’m afraaaaaaid has I’ve never been before! Lots of events I’m honored to be invited are coming soon and some projects I’m currently working for begin to take a little place in my daily life so how will I manage all of this with my very first year university school? arrgh! I must admit, I didn’t prepare myself for it( some reason are the cause such as I was freshly back from my recent trip Alicante & Paris) and I think i’s hight time I did it otherwise how things can go well if I haven’t  made a plan for my studies and hobbies yet?

Early this morning, while writing this article, I made a plan in my bed while papers were littering the ground everywhere in my room(apocalypse!). I won’t kill you with 24 pages of what I did but I wanted to share some advice  with you in order not to fail in your works projects or your school day.  Event I’m not a professional consultant, I can’t help giving you some tips to succeed in your ‘studies’.

1. USE AN AGENDA! I’m the first person who most of the time doesn’t care about it and the first person who misses important meeting(then I cry) because I didn’t have the idea to look at the advance my agenda. I really don’t have a good system for managing time. Shame on you if you’re like me! If you have an agenda, then use it!  This seems like pretty obvious advice, but I think at university, at the college or whatever, is a lot about managing your time: getting to classes, dealing with e-mails, assignments, planning for exams or a part-time job.  It’s a struggle to manage all these tasks, and to help with this, develop a clear and straightforward system with a calendar and your task! You an for example under this calendar  include your class schedule, important dates and meetings. So guys, LOOK at the calendar very regularly! black-classy-jacket-style5

2. PLAN everything as soon as possible! For example before each week, be realistic about how much time you can devote to social activities and how much time you’re going to need to spend writing or crunching numbers. So, be organized because It’s a good idea to work out a system for organising and summarising the information you learn or you have to! It makes it easier when it comes time to complete an assignment or prepare for your future exams.

3. Give yourself incentives to study in advance. I mean by this, don’t cash your paycheck until you’re finished with that term paper. You will celebrate with friends after you’ve taken the test but not yet. So, try to treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting after you finish your studying goals.

4. STAY HEALTHY, eat your vegetable and get some sleep! One of the best ways to maximize performance on tests is getting a good night’s sleep and have a healthy life because it immunes  your defense system. Of course, it known that the optimal diet for students is the same as it is for everyone else: You should eat lean meat or protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and stay(run) away from sodas, candy, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fats!

All in all, I know bad habits are not easy to set aside  but trust in your goals, everyday you wake up, keep in mind why you decided to have a new life order, why are you working for your projects, why are you studying and etc. Don’t forget to take a break and sometimes have fun as much as you can! Life as an undergraduate student is incredibly enriching on intellectual, emotional, and social levels!black-classy-jacket-style3 black-classy-jacket-style01 black-classy-jacket-style4 Pointed-toe Pumps with Glossy Metal Toecap / 2. OASAP Champagne Trousers(SOLD OUT) but SIMILAR Osman Slim Trouser or Voga Forte Distressed Trousers / 3. SIMILAR Top : Black silk tank with ruffles / 4. SIMILAR Blazer: NEWLOOK Black Crepe Knotch Blazer / PHOTOGRAPHER: http://lucaperrinpicture.com35703_10000151how-choose-beauty-products-skincare-


  • Prince Sam

    Heeey Wallace,
    J’adore cette tenue c’est une de mes favorites ! Le doré va parfaitement avec ta peau, et je te trouve super chic comme ça! Ca te va très très bien. Si je peux me permettre un petit conseil je pense qu’un rouge à lèvres bordeau mat t’irais mieux… c’est mon avis 😉
    Mais la tenue est superbe.

    Prince Sam

    • wallaceyolicia

      Merci infiniment d’être autant impliqué dans ce blog Sam. Cela me fait très plaisir!
      PS: Pourrais-tu me renvoyer ta demande d’interview s’il te plaît? J’ai été très débordée ces temps comme tu as pu le constater.

      Bises xx

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