Style = Self Expression. It’s how you express our inner being, outwardly. Your thoughts, emotions, interests and values.

That’s what she said recently in one of her last post. How couldn’t I resist to follow her? This fashion blogger is quite special because she doesn’t only share with the world her passion for clothes, luxury products and so on but she’s the first blogger who gives and writes a lots of positive thoughts and push people not to give up in their everyday goals life. Therefore, what is more interesting with her, is that she focuses her blog only by giving good advice which are most of the time very relevants and constructive.  It really changes from what we are using to see on Fashion blogs ruined by talented bloggers like her! This is the main reason I couldn’t miss her and share with you this new philosopher blogger!
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My name is Nicole Jarvis from and I’m based in Switzerland the watches and cheeses country!  However, I’ve been living in Switzerland for the past four years. So I speak English, Spanish and French because my dad is English and my mother is Colombian. I am a fervent lover and passionate about understanding people’s feelings and their ways of expressing themselves, so I thinkfashion helps a lot in that.Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
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Well, I  believe I first fell in love with fashion at the age of 5! I remember one morning in my mum’s bathroom waiting for her to do my hair before going to school, and I asked her: why do you wear make up and get pretty every day? She said: “Remember Nicole, you always have to get pretty for yourself, not to impress anyone, but for you.” When you see yourself in the mirror and you are happy with what you are wearing, that’s the most important lesson, if you are happy with what you are wearing and how you present yourself then that’s the most important thing in fashion.  One of  the good thing I alway remind to my friends is that  woman’s fashion has a huge variety of different styles! By that,  everyday is a new day because we can wear what we desire, it’s also depend on how we feel.Axel_Galzin©2014-391

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I don’t really think I have any favourite piece haha I’m really not a person that attaches to things. But maybe my Tiffany & Co ring. My mum gave it to me when I turned 18 and I’m always wearing it,  I said to myself that my next Tiffany ring will be a diamond with the money from my own success. 
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That’s a really good question. I believe that anything in life, if you love what you do, you have this amazing drive and motivation in life for doing that. If you aren’t passionate at it, it just won’t happen. You need to know EXACTLY what you want, and from there, how to get it. And DO something different, the different are the ones that make the difference. 
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I have a number of people I work with, really talented people. I feel honored to work with people that create art. So many thanks to Thierry Galeuchet, Tiff Wear, Axel Galzin, Jorge Pozuelo, Pilar Nieto and of course my baby sister Natalie Jarvis.  

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Yes, though there is nothing better than buying something you actually want. Because it’s your taste and personality. And buying something gives it value, a sentimental anchor in something materialistic.
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I believe it’s the “making people” read my articles, literally read the words that I am saying. It’s very easy to get pretty pictures and look good, show the products and the style you have, but I want to give to everyone a little more than that. Actual words with messages to make you succeed in life. To make you everyday, a happier and better person.
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I think the really Hermes orange is going to be huge this winter, colours from dior’s pink to rouge bordeaux de Valentino. Colours from the 20’s to 40’s. I’m quite sure, the artchitectual shapes of clothes are going to make the curves of a woman look so sexy without being vulgar, like the tube skirts. Or really volumenus skirts like in the 50’s. Just wait and see!Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
They are so many. I really like Blake Lively, always so chic and knows what works for her. And Carolina Herrera, I kind of see myself like her when Im “older” always perfect and classy.

What I love most about blogging is that you can give something out to the world, something positive, kind words, an escape of routine to make you dream with amazing photography and kind words. Creating a little view of the future.  And expressing myself. 

I see my blog as my company. Fashion isn’t about just trousers and skirts, it’s about the story that comes behind it, the mistory and the person that wears it. And that’s what I will create, dreams. The desire of being part of something big. Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20After reading this interview  of our lovely  Nicole Jarvis Fashion blogger, I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some news coming soon on the blog! Have a nice day guysmint-green-bandana-print-little-dress9 photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png


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