Creating your own personal fashion style is like building your own brand. The clothes you wear say a lot about your personality and lifestyle

If I should describe my own style, I won’t personally be able to do it because I don’t have a unique typical style. I love to wear everything I appreciate, changing style is a way not to get bored with my wardrobe… and with fashion in fact! I don’t personally like to following the crowd  by wearing only one fashion style. One day you can see me with some basket and destroyed short and the following day I will cross the street with high platform heels and long flawy chic dress. It’s also not because summer is there that I won’t make a post about Coats, big boots and Fur(hope you understood my feeling). That’s why I think, expressing myself through different style clothes, accessories is an important aspect of feeling and looking good.

I can understand everyone has a comfort zone.  However, I think for a blogger, it could be a bit boring always wearing a unique typical style of clothing and not trying to discover another way to incorporate new trends that can well fit on you! I don’t want to influence any opinion but add some challenge in our closet can be more exciting no? That’s why I often try to combine my taste, lifestyle, interests, desires, inspirations and history together in order to appropriate my ”own style”.

By the way guys, you know how much I love bags especially when it comes from emerging brands with new concept! First, I want to say welcome to my new pocket bag clutch from POPBASIC! The name sounds so stunning, explosive, filled of colors and so much to say…I love this name! The brand is called POPBASIC and they design limited edition with lots of high quality basics and trend pieces! Therefore, Popbasic produces also video content that teaches women various ways to wear their new basics. All in all, they help every new fashionista to imagine how they could easily wear an outfit! You can get cour micro collection at home here !Black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag11Black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag4 Black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag2Black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag5black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag--Black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag9black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag-black-minimalist-street-style-clutch-bag..

1. Mango Beige Coat or NANUSHKA Beige Coat / 2. Intimately High Neck Seamless Crop /3. POPBASIC clutch bag or ASOS Jewelled Grab Clutch Bag/ 4.  BOOHOO Disco Pant or Beci /  5. L-SHOES chunky sandals or Similar River Island Chunky Sandals38434_62



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