All women love shopping! No one can lie about this fact  especially when weI look at all the new collections each season and pick out which pieces are our favorite. However, when it comes to buying designer items, we are very cautious with what we’ll keep because it’s usually expensive and we want it to last a while. Hmmh the thought of buying a $500 little scary pants or skirts is frightening unless we  know we’ll  wear it more than a handful of times. when it comes about myself, I usually buy clothes that are black and white so I can wear them more often haha. I’m not going to wear a neon yellow shirt as much as a plain white T-shirt, so I sometimes buy colors especially on summer(almost). Nonetheless I promise, most of the time when I go to my favorites shop and spend almost more 45 minutes picking out items, get to the dressing room I always have the same things: white or black shirt, gray jumper, leather jeans, and a denim or leather jacket again and again… aaaarhgg! I would love to wear all the time colorful clothes but at the end of my shopping days,my closet a bursted of….black and white clothes!

For those who are having the same experience, I think using accessories to add bright color to a black-and-white outfit is an ideal way to spice it up. As black and white are neutral shades, you can incorporate any color that you like in your look. If you’re wearing a black-and-white print dress for example, pair it with vibrant cobalt heels or a magenta purse. However, you don’t necessarily have to pair bright colors with your outfit. Pastel accessories in shades like mint, aqua, pink and butter all can work well too! When it comes to accessories your monochrome outfit, I personally prefer to add some cool Gold Adjustable Pack rings from ASOS. You can all  Mix Metals silver jewelry and accessories! they  used to be considered a fashion faux pas, but it’s become a striking way to personalize your outfit. While you’re wearing the black and white clothing, it’s the ideal time to experiment the mis metals(trust me!) it will allow both the cool silver and warm gold tones to really pop! 

38595_199SIMILAR1. ASOS Gold Adjustable Pack rings / 2. Calvin Klein – Saffiano Leather Satchel bag or Debenhams Ireland handbag / 3.  ASOS Spitze High-Heels or
STANLEY heels / 4. DAILYLOOK Origami Mini Skorts or cheap price —Forever 21 Origami Skort / 5.  YESIMFRENCH Sweater or Nicolas Villani Gaufré Sweater   



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