best-holidays-places-spain-alicante-summer-lifestyle21place-to-visit-spain-alicante-holidays-holidays-vacation Hi my lovely friends, hope you’re fine and started this week well. I’ve just go back from my trip in Paris and can’t wait to share with you some crazy stuff I bought while robbing some second-hand shops Markets place. By the way, today I won’t talk about Paris but I will just go back in the past and talk about…my travel in Alicante! I’ve discovered lots of nice place to stay and as I’m a fervent sharer lover, I thought It  would be nice to give you some best restaurants name, disco clubs and monuments to absolutely visit while you are there! Ready? Here we go for an ”Instagram” Travel goodies(all pictures where taken with my Iphone).place-to-eat-spain-alicante-holidays-vacation

1. And what you should absolutely have a try! For those who follow on my Instagram account, you already have noticed that I’m a huge food addicted especially when it’s about sweet food(so yummy). While in Alicante, I’ve discovered a cupcake boutique Las Manolitas cupcake boutique Calle Canalejas, 20, 03001 Alicante, Spain. Pure perfection!

2. If you are a big fanatic of Paealla as me, then you should go to the  El Buen Comer restaurant,Calle Mayor 8AlicanteSpain ! it’s a restaurant for fish and seafood lovers and all dishes aere well prepared and presented(That’s quite important for me).

3. When I’m on holidays arrhhgg…I have a completely disorder eating! usually I take breakfast at 8:00 am but while on holidays, bad habits come back and I forget all the good healthy rules I used to  have before. So, breakfast are taken near 11 am. By the way, if there’s a place you can take a very well-priced breakfast and of course with french ”croissants” is  the TEMOK restaurant,Calle Mayor, 22 03002 Alicante. It’s a great people watching terrace on the main street, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, coffee, cold drinks from morning to night. best-holidays-places-spain-alicante-summer-lifestyle1

4. You have to definitively go to the Santa Barbara Castle. I Think it’s the first monument you have to visit! Shame on you if you don’t do it because  first it’s located in the centre of Alicante(you CAN’T miss it) and secondly it’s one of the biggest mediaeval fortresses of Spain. Therefore, there some awesome and amazing places to take photographs or to hang out and enjoy a beautiful sunset! The castle is free to visit and there are two entrance. If you’re feeling energetic and you are not scare about sweating a lot, facing to the sun in a very hot warmth, you can walk through paths of the mountain. It took us(with my friend Gaelle) 1 hour and half, yes you can scream but every 15 minutes we wanted to take some pictures of the landscape which was just wonderful! We didn’t want to also miss any nook and cranny of the mountain.

5. Tabarca island !! a really huge crush during my stay there because I’ve heard about a mysterious history in the Island background. Tabarca Island is said to have had some pirates who used to take refuge on the island in order to attack the Costa Blanca I don’t know much more but only this legend history  convinced me to discover the Island. It’s It’s the largest natural island located in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. The island is well known for its fantastic seafood selection prepared from fresh fish like octopus, sardines or red mullet so guys you know where you can escape!

6. Plaza de Gabriel Miró is one of the nicest squares in downtown. I love this big fountain in the center, of the square with a nice sculpture of Vicente Bañuls. Around the fountain, you will find tall palm trees and some centenary ficus and trust me when I walked in this place, I del so comfortable! Yes it’s again a place where people can walk, go with children, sit on a bench to read, wait for a friend, etc. Oh, and there are even some restaurants and cafes around whose terraces are adjacent to the square.

7. The first day we arrived my friend Gaelle and I to Alicante, we wanted to discover the best beach of the city and some people advised us to go to the Playa Postiguet which is popular all year round both with locals and with visitors. Event if there’s a promenade that goes along the full length of the long beach and is flanked by some nice palm trees, I personally  hated this place….so crowed of people my god! no space to lay down, and relaxing into the sun. So I don’t recommend this place. Where I suggest you to go is at the Playa de San Juan! An excellent long side beach with enough space to play around, enjoying the sun. There’s also a bar in front of the see with some juicy cocktails to taste.


Hmmh good question! To be honest I was seriously disappointed of the city for partie and nightlife. I went to Alicante because some friends told me that Alicante was known as having some of the best nightlife in the whole of Spain! Hmmh…I don’t personally think so because even if there’s a large range of nightclubs, pubs and bars scattered around town, to satisfy all tastes!(I can’t lie, there’s a lots lots of clubs and bars) Especially in the old town that comes alive at the weekend, after midnight, with bars spilling out onto the streets and a really buzzing, lively and friendly atmosphere. The Barrio is located in the Old Town and is one of the best places to visit at night. In The Barrio you will find a whole host of bars as I told you before, taverns, cervercerias and pizza.

However in the week, when it’s time to enjoy partie, there’s nobody around the clubs(in the evening). Most of the bars close at 2-3 am and then people go to the El Puerto which is the biggest area where all clubs in the port are open until the sun comes up. But inside these clubs there’s not a living soul in the week! However at the end of the week, starting from thursday until sunday, the city at night is crowded of people who love partying including me as well.

8. By the way guys, if you love lounge and classy places, with some pool partie events, I suggest you to go to the  Isla MarinaAv Villajoyosa, 4(crowded of awesome stylish men who just come from QG magazine hahaha I’m exaggerating but trust me while you’re there I’m pretty sure you can find the man of your dream!). Well, to go further, I’ve discovered this place quite late(I went there only two times) and the only inconvenient is that parties with full of people are only on saturday and especially on sunday(parties are huuuuge, crazy with an nice ambiance). Believe me, the best parties are there!
9. In the Puerto there’s a range of trendy and modern bars and clubs which drinks don’t coat so much(really cheap price) and one of the other best club I suggest you to go is the Oceanus club,(Muelle de Levante s/n modulo 3, local 5.5). Loved the ambiance there with a diverse choice of music to hear and to dance.
10. La Havana,(Rambla de Méndez Núñez, 26) is one of the most popular bars in Alicante and heaves at the weekends with young revellers. You should get there early before everyone else arrives for a guaranteed good night out!


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